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June 13, 2024


P-QRM #128: The Usual Suspects: the Usual Lies

In this edition of Political QRM the usual Democrat suspects are opening their mouths and spouting the same inane clap-trap. And joining them is one of the biggest mouths of all scolding and lecturing Americans again! BO is back… Also, the 17th anniversary of the Islamic attack on this country is tomorrow. Please remember those

P-QRM #127: So Many Topics, So Little Time …

Again! Wow, we’re on a roll.. Well, we try to cram as much as we can into the time allotted..Between crimewave in Chicago, the Dems hoping for that ‘Blue Wave’ in November (dream on!)..problems again with Islam throughout the world.. (surprised?) We lost a biggie in the theater world this week: Neil Simon and also

PQRM #126: Another One ! Wow, We’re on a Roll

In this addition of Political QRM we focus on the mid-term elections, and the likelihood of voter fraud (guess by who). And a VERY interesting bill has been submitted by an actual true bipartisan effort. The “Go To Washington, Go To Work Act” has been submitted by Mike Gallagher (R-WI) and Rick Nolan (D-MN). It’s

P-QRM #125 Like a Bad Penny…

…We keep turning up again!! Yes,  we’re back.. and events are moving at a very fast pace. We’re trying to catch up (yeah, right).. But you know, the more things change, the more they remain the same…On this edition of Political QRM, we continue….

P-QRM #124: So Many Topics, So Little Time….

In this edition of Political QRM Lou and Ann Marie discuss Speaker Ryan’s decision to leave Congress (yeah!), the ongoing Democrat Party/ progressive effort to impeach President Trump and so many other timely topics. Join us for this edition of P-QRM!

P-QRM #123: Invasion On Our Southern Border, 2nd Amendment Under Attack: This is Getting Ridiculous

America is under attack from all sides. Usually we talk about it culturally, but with the marches against our 2nd Amendment and the Mexican government encouraging and giving safe passage to ‘asylum seekers’ one can’t help but feel that the attack is now a reality. That, the ‘March for Our Lives’, 2nd amendment and more

P-QRM #120: Trump Wows at Davos

It’s been an up and down week, with the back and forth on DACA, immigration issues and the President’s trip to Davos. Not to mention the liberal angst becoming louder and insanity running amok in their ranks.. Quite amusing for those of us on the sidelines watching…. The Tide-pod craze, and other ways millennials are

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