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July 24, 2024

Archives for March 2012

Does the Emperor Have Clothes?

As this election season continues, there are political pundits and candidates (notably Mitt Romney) who are warning the GOP electorate regarding a protracted nomination process. We’re hearing how weak the GOP candidate will be against Obama; there will be no money left to fight the Dems and just how bad this makes the Republican Party

Baruch atah eretz Y’sroel…

Happens all the time… The part I really wanted to touch on was Israel.  On the off-chance you didn’t know it, I am a bit of a Zionist.  Maybe a touch less than Ben Gurion was, but only a touch. The President of the United States decided to advise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that 

Chickadees and political correctness…

G-d created the Chickadee for me. Yup.  I’ll share them with all of you, of course. You’re welcome.  Watching these wonderful little birds is soothing.  They’re acrobatic, gregarious, and just darn cute.  Debbie made a feeder out of an old mason jar and a wire hanger. MUCH better use for it than hanging clothes…Just ask

P-QRM #6 Elections, elections….

This week the show details the Super Tuesday results, the caucus results on Sunday and the recent Russian election for their President.  The ongoing controversy regarding the birth control issue, and other social issues are also covered.