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April 23, 2019

Does the Emperor Have Clothes?

As this election season continues, there are political pundits and candidates (notably Mitt Romney) who are warning the GOP electorate regarding a protracted nomination process. We’re hearing how weak the GOP candidate will be against Obama; there will be no money left to fight the Dems and just how bad this makes the Republican Party look in the eyes of the American electorate and the world. Blah … blah… blah.

Give me a break. There is nothing wrong with the process. Just because we haven’t had a coronation by now, doesn’t mean the process is flawed. The candidates may be, but not the process.

The only reason Mitt Romney wants the process to end is that the longer the race goes on, the more it shows just how weak he is as a candidate.  The presumptive crowned GOP frontrunner by both the GOP elite and the main stream media has to claw and fight for every delegate. This is no cakewalk for him. Members of his own party don’t like him; he has to spend millions of dollars in each state on attack ads to garner a win and in the end all we know is that he can mount a vicious attack.

Okay, you may ask (and some have) so why does he keep winning? Well, I could counter: why does Rick Santorum keep winning and why does Newt Gingrich keep winning? Mitt is winning, yes, but not the way a frontrunner should. This race should have been decided by Super Tuesday, yet here we are: still chasing each candidate from state to state.

There are a few reasons this is occurring. First: the electorate is not happy with Romney as the anointed frontrunner and we’re looking for a better candidate. Rick Santorum has come from the bottom of the pack and shot up to serious candidate status and outlasted other candidates that have turned out to be flashes in the pan. You stick around long enough and someone will take notice.

Second, we remember all too well what happened in 2008 with McCain and his reluctance to campaign hard against Obama. A weak candidate is not the way to win elections. For some reason, Romney is on the same path: eviscerating his fellow Republican candidates, yet promising not to attack Obama. Is that supposed to show he’s strong? Not in my book.

Third, we are basically telling the GOP honchos and the MSM: We don’t need you to pick our candidate. It may appear as if we’re acting like children, but so be it. In case they have forgotten some of the abject losers they’ve foisted upon us, we haven’t. Do the names Ford, Dole, and McCain mean anything? Well, they do to us and we’re using this election to have a hissy fit.

But, for a minute, let’s assume Romney is the nominee. What’s next? Does he stand there smiling, trying to be the everyman and smiling, liking grits and smiling..well, you get the general idea.. And all the while Obama brings out every video there is on issues he’s flipped flopped and completely blows his candidacy to bits. His reluctance to attack Obama is what is going to hurt his candidacy, not the protracted nomination process.

We don’t want to see that again. This is why the electorate has stubbornly vetted and revetted all the candidates. We have that right to do that. If you want us to keep donating and volunteering and being the cheerleaders for every candidate you slap the GOP moniker on, this is what you have to deal with.

Unless, of course, you decide to give us a strong candidate…

Then you just might get the coronation instead of the previous battle’s last man standing.




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