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May 29, 2024

Archives for October 2012

P-QRM #25: Final Debate

This is our 25th podcast!!!! YEAAAAAAHHH. Never mind the fact that we didn’t realize it until after we had signed off…but we’re ecstatic nonetheless.. We review the third and final (thank the Lord) Presidential Debate.   Obama was jabbing at Romney who managed to keep his cool, while Barack was snarky, condescending and rude. In

A “next-to-last-minute” plea.

I notice things.  Not in a “CSI” way, but ordinary daily “stuff”.  Especially when it’s a part of who I am.  I cannot hear aircraft in my vicinity without looking up to see what it is.  I cannot hear a Harley going by without at least a glance.  Same goes for political signs and stickers.

P-QRM #24…He said what??!!

Hello, everyone…Due to ‘life’ we had to postpone our podcasts. This podcast focuses on the past 3 debates and the changing numbers for Obama. We deal with the Luntz focus group after the 2nd debate and the surprising turn of events during that meeting,  plus some of the questions and answers by the two candidates.