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May 23, 2019

P-QRM #24…He said what??!!

Hello, everyone…Due to ‘life’ we had to postpone our podcasts. This podcast focuses on the past 3 debates and the changing numbers for Obama. We deal with the Luntz focus group after the 2nd debate and the surprising turn of events during that meeting,  plus some of the questions and answers by the two candidates.

One thing that struck both of us is that Obama is still under the impression that the 2nd Amendment was for hunters and sportsmen…..And he’s a constitutional professor??

On the light(?)side we also talk about the earthquake that hit Maine and was also felt in New Hampshire.. Whole lotta shakin’ going on!!

Here are the Youtube links re: Luntz voting group and a little ditty that shows how little Obama’s speeches have changed from 2008 to 2012.

All this and more on the latest version of Political QRM.


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