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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Couldn’t Have Said It Better, Myself!

A very dear friend of mine, (bright, witty, charming and GORGEOUS), with whom I discuss matters both political and motorcycle, sent this to me. I’m putting it here in it’s entirety. You NEED to read this! Oh No You Didn’t ~ Claire T. Peterson I was never a very political person. My dad never announced


Bring it.

So the POTUS went to see the Saudis. Whoop. He got snubbed by the king the same as he got snubbed by Comrade Fidel when he was in Cuba the other day on his “World Apology Tour 2016”.  Really.  Sitting in a meeting with other Arab states arranging for more reasons for them all to


I’m NOT Showing You MINE.

And I don’t want to see yours. North Carolina’s new “bathroom law”, (HB-2), goes too far. So stipulated. As opposed to other laws that try to address such matters, (TN & AR, notably), the North Carolina law uses “on their birth certificate” as the criterion for which rest room a person should use. That’s where


P-QRM 55: EU and Brexit

We do a short..short? well, as short as we can, podcast on the EU, Brexit and the possible effects on the rest of Europe.  North Korea’s attempt at world domination and China… Just a few things we hit on in this issue of Political QRM.


Another Day, Another Attack..When Does Western Civilization Say “Enough”!?

Once more, people massacred; hundreds injured. Candlelight vigils to mourn the victims; an increased police and military presence in cities throughout the world. Another terrorist attack. Same crap different day. European leaders insist that it is ‘only a few’ of the Muslims responsible for these atrocities.. And I shake my head at that statement, wondering if they would sacrifice


“Hand Me That Wrench…I Mean, MoAB*”

Okay, okay.  Yeah.  I’m just another amateur pundit ranting and raving while offering no ideas of my own.  I’ll stipulate to the amateur.  I’ll stipulate to the ranting and raving.  But, you can’t say that I don’t have ideas.  Some of them may be fluid, (so you’ll have to read this again in a few days…I’ll


A Nice, Soft Beach!

I grew up watching documentaries with my Dad on channel thirteen.  It gave me a love for that genre that I still maintain.  So I’m always tickled when either Nflix or AmaPrime bring some good ones into their line ups.  A common thread in the WWII docs are the cuts to either Pathe or Movietone


Hit Snooze Again, Dear…

Brussels, we’re hearing, is a “wake up call”.  San Berdoo was a wake up call.  Paris was a wake up call.  Tunis was a wake up call…I think the illustration stands, now, on it’s own. One of the wonders of modern technology is that we get our news “as it happens”.  We also forget it