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Monday, February 8, 2016

Change and hope…

Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes knows that I don’t like change. I still make gravy the way my family has for generations. I still wear a D.A. I haven’t switched to Windows 10. And my “earworm” today is that great hit by the Temptations – “Ball of Confusion” – and


Happy New Year.

As has been rehearsed by my esteemed colleague, it has been a while. My “New Year Resolution”, (at least as it pertains to the political fantasy land), is to add a bit of an “edge” to my presence on the internet. We have entered the final year of the Obama presidency. “Let the games begin”,


Work. Harder AND Smarter.

Way back in the day when I lived in the “Apartment Deluxe”, (where I lived for nearly ten years), I didn’t have a television. I didn’t feel like I needed one. At least not one that would have cost me thirty dollars a month for the cable hookup. Can’t honestly say that I missed much.


Sidebar for the 2M “Bikers”…

This IS awfully brief and somewhat un-“polished”.  It’s more of a “stream-of-consciousness” piece.  It is, however, from the heart.  In light of the estimated 100-150 K turnout, (as opposed to the thousand or so islamists that showed up for THEIR “million”…) You may or may not know that I worked in the motorcycle industry for