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June 13, 2024

My Takeaway On The Younger Case.

When I was seven years old I wanted to be a vampire. Simple. I would be taken to Transylvania and sit in some secluded basement of a castle and bingo, I’d be a vampire. Maybe I was suffering “living dysphoria” and that my transition would make me whole. Or, I could have been watching too many movies from Universal studios. Turns out that it was the latter. How do I know? Because after a few weeks I wanted to be a lizard-like creature a’la the one from the Black Lagoon….

This is to say that, in today’s world, CHILDREN are not capable of making life-altering decisions even if they DO HAVE some form of dysphoria. We don’t let them chug a few cool ones and take the car for a spin, right? I saw a phrase in a news report that, in the case of James / Luna Younger that a judge will decide if the parents should take a position of “affirmation” or of “watchful waiting”.

I believe that this is entirely caused by either not having “gatekeepers” or by having them with a vested, (ideological OR fiduciary), interest provided by agendists. This, in my, (never), humble opinion, is quite possibly a play for “fifteen minutes” by the mother, the “professionals” involved and the medical team to come up with the next Jazz Jennings.

This should not be taken lightly. The child is a TWIN. What effects, (short OR long term), will this have on the other child’s life? Kids can be cruel. I know this for a fact as I’ve been on the receiving end many times and, yes, once in a while on the giving side. No one in my day committed suicide because they were bullied. They either went home crying, (but they didn’t knot up their bed sheets), or they “went full Ralphie”*, (a bare-knuckles approach), and ended up shaking hands at the end. Today, however, with “social” media kids are using, (several of which, I can’t recall the names), delete messages after a period of time leaving no “tracks in the snow” for authorities to follow post – mortem. Also today, “going full Ralphie” sometimes means taking mom’s rifle to school and the innocence of other children is lost.

On the father’s life? As to the father, well, on the job, in the supermarket, in the tavern or at the ball game or bowling alley…the whispers will start. The half-shielded chuckles. Change jobs? Sure. Then those whispers will be there right out of the gate. Unfortunately, the “went home crying” approach doesn’t work for adults. Well, it DOES, but it’s called “therapy”. But maybe we end up “going full Ralphie”. Which, in adults, isn’t called “Ralphie”, it’s called POSTAL. By then? What kind of psychological burden is placed on the transitioned child for his father, who sought only to love his son, is either in prison or, a hole in the ground?

Think about it before the next case comes up where you support “affirmation”.

*The term “Ralphie” is drawn from the movie “A Christmas Story”. Ralphie, the bullied kid, finally gives the bully a good-old schoolyard whoopin’.

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