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April 20, 2024

Archives for April 2013

P-QRM #41: A New Party???

Well we continue with the Boston terrorist attack and the possibility that yes, the Saudi national who was originally taken into custody may still be involved. Unfortunately, he has left the country, so we may never know.. Also, there has been so much frustration with the nitwits in the GOP that many people are looking

The “Grand NEW Party”…

How often do we use the old saw, “A person who doesn’t study history is doomed to repeat it.” ?   Well, here’s your history. And it bears repeating.   If you’re anything less than hard-core about your history lessons, you’re probably just like me when it comes to “those dang DATES”. I can get

P-QRM #40: Boston under attack…

This podcast was supposed to occur on our usual day, but our schedules didn’t mesh. Funny how things happen…. There was a terrorist attack on Boston; 2 explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At last count 3 are confirmed dead, and over 100 wounded. Supposedly, a Saudi national is being treated for

P-QRM#39: DOD: We Have Met the Enemy and They Are …Christians??

Spring!! in New England…well, we’re trying to think positive. What happened to the Department of Defense? They’ve gone from protecting this country to attacking the groups who aren’t a threat to this country: namely Catholics and Evangelical Christians. A new report classifies those two groups as a threat to America along with Al-Qaeda. Read about