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February 24, 2019

P-QRM#38: The ____ Egg and Bunny

It was a busy Easter Sunday on the show. First off, the word ‘Easter’ was banned from an elementary school in Alabama. We found it strange that some school administrator would actually have the guts to say that in the Bible Belt….but it takes all kinds…

Als0, Johns Hopkins gave itself the dubious distinction of being the ‘stupid school of the  week’ by denying a pro-life group on campus, claiming it was ‘white supremacist’ and a movement by some students to disinvite Dr Benjamin Carson as graduation speaker. Higher education at its finest…

Other topics Lou and Ann Marie discuss this week include: the battle over our 2nd Amendment rights, the lack of education in our schools, and the SCOTUS deliberations on DOMA and Prop 8 .

Those and more on this week’s Political QRM

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