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Above the Noise, Not Part of It

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May 29, 2024

Posts by: Ann Marie

A New Beginning

I am bringing Political QRM back to life . In the weeks ahead I will do a little more tweaking to the graphics, content and add video.. The times we find ourselves in are precarious. The America we had come to enjoy is now under attack by the very people who are supposed to protect

In Memoriam

Lou Mascitello 1956-2020 To anyone who has ever read the essays or listened to Political QRM podcasts you are probably aware that Lou, my co-host, my friend, a person whom I considered a brother had passed away on April 28, 2020. It was complications due to COVID-19. However, (and I had no idea) he was

P-QRM #135: The Culture War

On this edition of Political QRM, we touch on the cultural problems of this country and the influence on our everyday life.. And how Hollywood wants to have a bigger say in our lives than you realize. CPAC weekend, NOKO summit and more this week..

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