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May 29, 2024

Essay: “Give It Up, GOP; Your Time is Over

I spoke with a friend about 3 weeks ago and as usual it went to politics and the GOP. She said she was still a “proud Republican”.. I told her I had left the GOP. She then asked me what I was. I answered: a ‘Proud American.”

Suffice to say, that friendship is not on the best footing right now.

And therein lies the problem… We now identify ourselves as a ‘party’ member and we ignore the larger picture..

We’re Americans first..

Donald Trump pointed that out so clearly. And that is one of the reasons the Uni-Party in DC hates him..

Yes, the Uni-Party. Let’s face it, the GOP has had its day. The final straw for me was on January 6, when Pence refused to hear the evidence regarding the votes of the Electoral College. At that moment, the veil had been fully lifted and exposed the GOP, not as a political party, but as one half of the Uni-Party.

Donald Trump is responsible for exposing this. The GOP died long ago. We’re dealing with the ghost who won’t go over to the other side. Dems and Republicans are part and parcel of the same group, which wants unfettered access to stock tips, lobbyist money, power, great health care , while the rest of Americans are wondering what part of their life is going to take a hit next..

I don’t speak as a lone voice. I’m quite active on social media, and people from all over America, of every race, religious background, are fed up with the GOP. The Republicans betrayed 75 million Americans who voted for Trump. From the beginning of Trump’s run for the White House, they did everything they could to disparage him, his campaign and his agenda. They worked hand in hand with the Democrats.

And when the American people threw a monkey wrench into their plans by electing Trump, many of them blocked his efforts, using impeachment as an excuse, or the Constitution as a weapon against him. This country is being run by one party. There is no difference between the two, save for names.

Donald Trump committed the unpardonable sin by exposing the duplicitous nature of the Deep State. Like a slap in the face, Americans realized we had been taken for a ride for decades.

His accomplishments during his 4 years were many. In my book the most important was his ability to bring people of all races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds together under the banner our founders’ intended: as Americans.

The utter contempt that GOP committees, even in my home state of New Hampshire have for Donald Trump is troubling. I understand many of them are ‘moving on’ and focusing on the 2022 elections. Here in New Hampshire, the recent pathetic State Committee meeting and its treatment of its own people shows the swamp has made it way up here. No outrage from the State GOP on the votes in Windham and certainly no curiosity on whether it happened anywhere else in the state. “Let’s move on… Nothing to see here” is their mantra. They still have no clue what Donald Trump did for America…. Not the GOP; AMERICA.

The GOP stands for itself. Not for America. As the Democratic Party has embraced more of the Communist dogma and values, one would have expected the GOP to act as a bulwark against those actions; to protect us.

That would be true, if they were in fact, working for America and American interests. But they’re not. Their agenda has nothing to do with America, the Constitution or its values. It’s their power, what they can garner from their time in Congress or local politics, and how to pad their pockets.

It’s time for the GOP to die.

What this country needs is another political party. No, not a third party, since I pointed out earlier the one party existence, but one which should take the place of the GOP. Those who are RINOs should be Dems anyway and Conservatives are leaving in droves. Left are those who view their time in their local committees as a ‘social’ club.

You’d be surprised how many in local GOP committees have no idea who the players are in this country, the issues, both domestic and international which may have an effect on this country. I have had a discussion with one Committee Chair who keeps insisting Trump used the word “I” many times to describe the accomplishments of his administration. Of course nothing could be further from the truth..

If they are a leaders of a political committee, shouldn’t they be knowledgeable of such things? One would think so, but not in this case. I have no problem saying they’re rank amateurs.

And I hear the cries of anguish: Another Political Party!? What’s to say it won’t turn out the way the GOP did?

Good question. First, our Constitution should be the basis for the Party and the platform that Trump ran on. Trump’s efforts in bringing together the American people was unprecedented. Even Ronald Reagan was not able to accomplish that. This should be a blueprint for the new party.

Another option I have heard: Take over the GOP. No. Not possible. It’s too embedded in the Deep State. There have been many attempts. I remember when the Conservatives became very vocal and active during the Reagan administration. They were tamped down after G H W Bush came into office and for decades after.

The Tea Party was a valiant effort, but it was quickly infiltrated by RINOs who ran under the Tea Party banner and then, once elected, went into the Deep State. The Tea Party was used by politicians as a platform for their access to Congress. After they were elected , they turned their backs on their constituents.. Here in New Hampshire, the name Kelly Ayotte comes to mind, who ran as a strong Tea Party supporter, then once in Congress, went into John McCain’s lapel as an ornament.

I’m tired of people such as Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Collins, Murkowski and numerous others who have the audacity to lecture us as if we are the ignorant, unwashed and illiterate .

They are just politicians.. Not statesmen, not leaders. They are there to get what they can in money and influence from the American coffers.

‘Politicians.’: it’s time we made that word a slur.

It’s time for the GOP to go into the history books as having outlived its usefulness. Stop trying to drag that dead elephant over the finish line. There is no longer a Republican Party. It died long ago.

So, are you a Republican or an American?

The choice is yours… After all, this is America. But for how long……?

One Response “Essay: “Give It Up, GOP; Your Time is Over”

  1. February 27, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    I appreciate your comment. While I am no longer a Republican, I do support Trump. It was the treatment he received not only throughout his presidency, but also when the election was certified when there were obvious irregularities that pushed me into leaving the party. Too many RINOs
    Yes, Karoline Leavitt is a strong proponent of the America First agenda. We need more like her. I hope you’re right about 2022.. we need the change.
    Thanks again for commenting.

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