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June 13, 2024

Archives for March 2011

Quick Hits: March 29, 2011

A few things going on that bear mentioning: Sen. Chuck Schumer was caught on an open phone line in conference call with Senate Democrats, not realizing that reporters were on the line. He was telling the group that in the budget fight with the GOP, the word “extreme” was to be used. “”I always use

Where is America’s President?

With the world aflame, rioting in the Middle East; earthquakes, tsunamis, a nuclear plant meltdown in Japan; and wildfires in Hawaii and Texas, the head of our country is hard at work :  filling out his picks for March Madness. We have budget problems : he ignores them. Let the Republicans come up with a

Smearing Peter King…how Un-American

Here we go again. In the past the left has used every word in the dictionary to deter conservatives from defending their rights as citizens or defend American ideals and beliefs. We’ve heard “racist”,” homophobe”, “xenophobe”, “Islamophobe”  and any other word that the suffix -phobe can be attached to. Latest and greatest in their arsenal

Socialists, Communists and… Unions? Oh, my….

Senator Joseph McCarthy was right.   Fifty seven years after being censured by the Senate, he has now been vindicated.  The Marxists have taken over the Federal government. Not only do they hold high positions in this administration, they and their fellow travelers in the public sector unions are making a play for state governments, also.