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April 23, 2019

Socialists, Communists and… Unions? Oh, my….

Senator Joseph McCarthy was right.   Fifty seven years after being censured by the Senate, he has now been vindicated.  The Marxists have taken over the Federal government. Not only do they hold high positions in this administration, they and their fellow travelers in the public sector unions are making a play for state governments, also. Obama’s little Red friend Service Employees International Union (SEIU)  president Andy Stern who proclaimed the communist slogan “Workers of the World, Unite! ” has stated that the slogan “isn’t ideological any more.  It’s practical”, is out front with his intentions.  He plans to spread the SEIU throughout the world;  and, indeed,  has already established a worldwide network of security guard unions.  That sounds very much like a quasi-military organization to me. And very dangerous. It’s one step toward a global conflict against freedom and capitalism.

And the public sector unions are a part of the plan. With the placards of an outstretched fist, mirroring the global communist symbol, they perpetuate their persistent struggle of the worker against the corporation, against the capitalist, against “the man”. No matter that they are living off the taxpayers’ hard earned money. Their cries of  “unfair”, labeling state governors as Hitlers and expecting to be treated special due to their union affiliation is contrary to the basic tenets of a free capitalist society.

But long after the real teachers, fire fighters and police left the Wisconsin State Capitol for their regular lives, elements of several communist and socialist organizations that were bused in from other states and other degenerates of society took over. With their drumming, chanting, and dancing it looked like a pagan gathering on the Summer Solstice. (No kidding, they really do that) .  And from what the press is reporting, it will cost at least $7.5 million to repair the damage to the marble. What the hell were they doing to it? Ah, yes, the loving and peaceful left..

Back to McCarthy. In the late 1940’s he realized that the Soviet Communists had infiltrated the US Federal government. Not only with Ethel and Julius Rosenberg selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets, but also the State Department and other departments of the federal government. Stalin actually used WWII to his advantage. When the non-aggression pact between he and Hitler fell through, he came over to the Allies’ side and during the war saw an opportunity to infiltrate the different branches of government, establishing his own people in different areas of the government. All were American citizens, of course, but they were still part of the Communist movement. And they were quite successful.  Joseph McCarthy saw what was occurring and made an effort to bring it out in the open, but his efforts were later panned and he was made out to be an agitator, propagandist and eventually censured by the Senate.

One thing that many people do not recognize is that the struggle with Communism is just not a one-shot deal. If you defeat them in one minor skirmish, they don’t go away forever; they wait for an opportunity and take any opening afforded them. Joseph Stalin said that “When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope.”  All part of their drive to defeat capitalism, even using it to defeat it.  Patience, persistence, and masking the true tenets with false words of supporting the worker disguised in a ruse of solidarity.

In 1956 when Khrushchev said the immortal words : “We will bury you”, it wasn’t a show of bravado. It was a promise. No matter how long it took or how many lives were lost, the end justifies the means.

So elements of the Marxist struggle have now cropped up in the American public sector unions. Private sector unions aren’t as important to the cause since they do not afford the most power over the vast majority of the people. With the public sector unions and the association with the Democrat Party the money comes from the taxpayers to the unions and right to the coffers of the Democrat Party to spend on election campaigns.  Your taxes are supporting campaigns for Democrat candidates. Think about it. For example, many of you who live in Nevada who may have voted for Sharon Angle actually helped fund Harry Reid’s re-election bid.  Scary, isn’t it?

Now, some of you may be thinking that I am channeling Chicken Little, but unfortunately, America has been consistently in a defensive posture against Communism and Marxism. Many times over the past 70 years  we have fought quietly against them, out of camera range, out of the mainstream American life.  But this time they have come out of the shadows and have made their intentions evident.

Unfortunately, it is just not those in the intelligence sector, or the military that need to now fight against them. Ordinary Americans who always thought that life would always be the same are going to be called upon to help. People who always thought that the American way of life that would always exist are now realizing it is in grave danger.  I don’t think that many of us can ignore what is happening with our country.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has actually done Americans a favor by taking a stand against the public sector unions. He has unmasked them and in doing so, showed their cooperation with socialist and communist organizations and the laundering of the taxpayers’ money to fund their interests. Governors  John Kasich of Ohio and Chris Christie of New Jersey are following suit.  In each of those states, unions are displaying vitriol that has been unheard of in this country. The reason it has been unheard of in this country is because it is distinctly not American.

The enemy has become more obvious and is no longer hiding. We now know not only what we are fighting against but what we are fighting for.

Joseph McCarthy would be proud.


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