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June 13, 2024

Archives for September 2012

Good Ol’ Fashion’ Mudslinging

Can I ask a favor of you? Let me backdrop it a bit…John Stossel 1 wrote a piece some time ago about how we, as politically minded individuals, (as well as candidates themselves), have resorted to mudslinging and muck-raking.  Carrying it, at times, to lofty…almost ethereal heights…or would that be bottomless-pit-depths? We, as teenagers “back-in-the-day”

A Diplomatic Rant…

Look, I am not prone to “going off the deep end”.  I am passionate, though.  enough that people tend to think of me as a bit of a “reactionary”.  Let me settle that for you, m’kay…I am not.  I comment on things after the fact, true enough, but I “see it coming a mile away”