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June 2, 2023

P-QRM#23: Communism, Football and Politics: There’s a tie-in there somewhere…

Lou blows a gasket in this podcast.. I’ve learned not to use the word: ‘Communism’ around him, especially if it’s making an appearance at a New Oxford PA High school. The band leader and administrators thought it was a good idea to perform an homage to the Russian Revolution, complete with hammer and sickle cut-outs and uniforms.

And we also focus on the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, and 3 other Americans. In spite of the insistence of the Obama administration initially that the ‘demonstration’ was based on the video making fun of Islam (which nobody has seen), we now know (and we did know all along) that it was due to 9/11.

The latest on the Presidential race: is Romney running yet?

Also, I go off on the NFL  and the ‘replacement refs’, but at this writing, the regular officials are back on the job.. Yeeeeaaaahhh!! …. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that really matter…..

This and more on this version of Political QRM!



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