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April 30, 2017


P-QRM#77: In Remembrance of 9/11

We devote much of this podcast to the 15th anniversary of the attack on our country on September 11, 2001. Even though this was released a few days later, we think that whenever we talk about the attack on 9/11 it is current. Things have gotten worse in this country and the world since that time, yet

P-QRM#76 Viva Trump!

We finally have a GOP candidate who is in the corner of real Americans: we focus on The Donald’s trip to Mexico and the slam dunk of a speech that evening. Then of course, there’s Hillary………need we say more? And, of course, the latest in the world: whether it’s the “religion of Peace” and whatever

P-QRM #62: Happy Independence Day!

We are loaded for bear in more ways than one… Between the terror attacks in Turkey and Bangladesh, we can safely say that Islam IS the problem. Also, we discuss Bill and Hillary, their destructive legacy , and why Hillary won’t be indicted. Trump’s VP pick: our opinion of who it should be and why.. The

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