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May 23, 2019

P-QRM#79: Riots, Killings: Just Another Day in Obama’s America

In this edition, we focus on the riots in Charlotte, NC (of course) and the latest terror attack in a Washington State mall by a Hispanic,  Muslim (libs trying to cover up the evils of Islam, again!)

The latest “mistake” by our Federal government in giving citizenship to over 800 people, many of whom were supposed to be deported.. If you believe it’s a mistake, I have a covered bridge in New Hampshire I want to sell you…And the bombings in NJ, NYC and the pearls of excuses from the mouths of the Democrat politicians., the Pope, and the Muslim Mayor of London who insists if one lives in a city, one has to ‘expect” terror attacks… Heaven help us…

This was Obama’s last speech at the UN in which it was all about him: always is….

The first debate on Monday, and the our opinion how Donald Trump can win it..

All this and more on this edition of Political QRM

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