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July 21, 2019

Sixteen Years Since Attacks on 9/11: We’re Worse Off

Perhaps the title might have read: “ARE we worse off?” But that harbors an assumption that there’s some doubt.. The truth is we ARE worse off than before the Islamic attacks on our country. Much worse.

A few days after the attack, I was sitting with the local GOP women’s group I belonged to and remarked their lives will never be the same. Many scoffed.. That’s okay, most of them have never been involved in the military, the intelligence community or had a knowledge of foreign policy. I had to understand their ignorance on the subject. I wonder what they would say now…

The truth is: we are worse off. Right after the attack, President George W. Bush went to great pains to paint Muslims as peaceful people, misunderstood and those responsible for the attacks were renegades; they didn’t understand the true meaning of Islam. In some ways he treated muslims the same way he treated the surviving families and the victims.  He and other propagandists kept repeating the phrase ” a peaceful religion”. By now, we know that Islam is not just a religion and it isn’t peaceful. It was borne of violence, and was meant to be a violent cult.

In Jersey City NJ, muslim women danced, gave out sweets, and had a party at the expense of 3000 lives and those of their families. To them, it was a time of celebration..Okay, that was a warning sign, but again, it was glossed over by our government. Why the hell did we allow that?

Consider this: when, in our history, have we embraced an enemy after they attacked us? Heck, even in our revolution, we didn’t ask the British to leave: we fought them. World War II: Pearl Harbor. After the bombing, we took every Japanese diplomat into custody and threw them in jail. Yes, we interned thousands more civilians, but we honestly thought the enemy was among us. Hindsight is 20/20, but at that time it was the right thing to do. (and at that sentence, some heads are exploding….tough)

So, I have to believe in order to appease those who would immediately jump to the claim that it was “1941 all over again,”, our government gave them a pass. A pass with 3000 dead, countless injured, families torn apart..

Fast forward to today: Our national security is compromised. WE everyday Americans are the ones who have to look over our shoulders; WE have to suffer indignities at the airport while burka-clad muslim women board flights undisturbed.. Is anyone questioning the wisdom of that? I didn’t cause that attack, this 7th century culture did, and yet, they’re the victims. Insane…

We have suffered more terror attacks in this country, yet there is always some paper pusher, some slimy politician who stands and proclaims this isn’t islam… Some guilty person who for whatever reason, doesn’t want to be considered “racist” (Islam is not a race), or a hateful person (who cares what others think about you) goes to bat for them while more people die, more families mourn..

Just a few instances how much our lives have changed. In my home state of New Hampshire, someone became concerned in the city of Manchester that a mosque there was seeing too much activity, so he asked a person who did studies on Islam to take a look at the activities. After the study was done, it was presented to the aldermen in Manchester. His work was considered to be: take a guess… Yes, islamophobic, hateful, so on and so forth…

Two weeks ago, I was driving in one of the neighboring towns when I saw a suitcase on the side of the road. I didn’t think anything about it at first until as I proceeded down the road I saw another one on the other side…. Warning signs went off.  I called the local police to tell them about it.. And I was told by the officer I wasn’t the only one who called. Amazing to realize in the past those suitcases would be attributed to some slob who didn’t want to bring it to the dump or college student who lost their luggage from the top of their car. Now, it’s considered a threat..

Oh, and I just read an article that a mosque is opening up in Keene; 15 miles away from me… Their objective to position a mosque in every state in this country and they’re succeeding. And with every mosque which opens, we become less and less safe..

So what will it take for our governments, from state to federal level that Islam is not our friend?  My guess: not until there is a terror attack in all 50 states on the same day… Even then, there will still be some who will stomp and declare that it isn’t Islam….

….if they’re one of the survivors..


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