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June 13, 2024

Good Ol’ Fashion’ Mudslinging

Can I ask a favor of you?
Let me backdrop it a bit…John Stossel 1 wrote a piece some time ago about how we, as politically minded individuals, (as well as candidates themselves), have resorted to mudslinging and muck-raking.  Carrying it, at times, to lofty…almost ethereal heights…or would that be bottomless-pit-depths?
We, as teenagers “back-in-the-day” when “tagging”2 each other, had a rule.  That rule was “NO MOTHERS”.  Insults involving another guy’s mother were verboten.  Today’s political arena has become a minefield that STARTS with a candidate’s mother and rolls downhill from there.
Now…the “favor”.
Can YOU, my friend, refrain from such ignominious behavior?
It pains me deeply to see an otherwise well-placed litany of issues against President Obama  peppered with “tags” such as “OBUMMER”.  While I really don’t like the fellow either, he IS the President of the United States of America.  References to the First Lady as “the first cow”?  Disgraceful.  Period.  Blog-rolls and fora littered with the rantings of apparent (sic) fifth-graders as opposed to educated and erudite electors?
We had no problem decrying that sort of behavior from the Left when our presidents were in office.  Why should we, who like to think of ourselves as “cut from finer cloth”, resort to that sort of “muck”?  Why should we post to blogs with badly spelled, punctuated and composed rants when we want to be heard as “above” it all?
Listen, I am not saying that we should be following the Marquis of Queensbury rules in a street-fight.  I am one who FIRMLY believes that we NEED to go in bare-knuckled…but not to the septic tank!  A little bit of integrity, honor, and erudition however, go a long way.
So please, dear reader…write with your head and not with your knee.  We’ll all stand just a bit taller for it.   Or, ARE ye then, a PROLE?

1 http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Stossel/

2 “Tagging” was an artform of insults common to teenaged boys throughout history.  Sometimes refered to “slipfighting”, “chopfighting” or “dissing”.

3 Pardon the fact that this software doesn’t support superscript.

4  Yes, I know, I didn’t point to a four.  But…if you’re here, you’ll get it.  Yes, it IS sort-of kind-of almost a veiled-ish pejorative.  It could HAPPEN…

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