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June 2, 2023

Democratic National Convention: Great Example of a Three-Ring Circus

A few words regarding that dog and pony show last week trumpeted as the Democratic National Convention.

In the first ring we had an impeached President, disbarred lawyer, accused rapist and sexual harasser giving a speech about a murderer, sexual harasser and traitor to the country who made repeated calls to the Soviet Union warning them about Ronald Reagan’s actions. And the Democrats there were loving every minute of it, cheering, crying..Amazing.

In the 2nd ring there were the women, from politics and Hollywood, gnashing their teeth and pounding their breasts because the only issue that concerns them is free birth control and getting their abortions free. The men in the audience were won over; you could tell after one speaker finished how they jumped up and gave her a standing ovation..Both topics were probably welcomed by them; it absolves them of any responsibility either way: no pregnancy or pregnancy.  And a good time is had by all…men!

Women who wanted free birth control and Muslims who didn’t want women to do anything.  How they managed to keep them apart, I’ll never know…

There were the legislators who punded the podium and yelled that the system is rigged against small business owners, but they’re the same ones in both Federal and State governments who put in the regulations that rig the system against the small business owners……Go figure…..People who insist they  hate the Federal Government, yet are responsible for its heavy growth over the past 3 yrs..

 In addition: Gays who wanted marriage, people who like religion, others that didn’t…


Military personnel who still love Obama while he finds a way to prevent their comrades serving this country overseas from their Constitutional Right to vote…That deserves a shake of the head…

American Jews who aver that Obama is in their corner and loves Israel..(another shake of the head and a slap to the forehead)

The absolute giddiness and almost acrobatic performance by the former governor of Michigan at the podium over Obama coming in and saving the UAW..oops, I mean saving GM…and getting so over the top that you wondered if she had sat with the ‘Legalize marijuana’ crowd a few minutes before her speech..

It was a true testament to the P.T. Barnum axiom: “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

But the groups who wanted God and an acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, well, they were as wanted as a 8000lb elephant in the room…

‘Nuff said….






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One Response “Democratic National Convention: Great Example of a Three-Ring Circus”

  1. Rev. Lou
    September 13, 2012 at 11:14 am

    The only part of this with which I disagree is the very last line.

    It is most certainly NOT ” ‘Nuff said”

    The back-pedal-cover-up of the entire IDEA of taking the right of the ballot from our military is a completely PERFECT melding of “dog and pony show” with “oil smoke and mirrors” .

    The sheer number of people…Jews, Catholics, women and scared, (as usual by the DNC), seniors is truly beyond belief.

    Our treatment of our LONE ally in the Middle East, Israel, leaves “disgrace” a bit wanting. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to hear the president demanding an end to Israel’s “nuclear program” because of it’s military bend as opposed to the “peaceful civilian” program run by Ahmahdinedjad.

    Vote. I say it all the time. Vote. If you DON’T, you lay forfeit your right to complain. BUT…vote with your HEAD and not with your KNEE. If you are not an informed elector, you are a TOOL. A tool in the machine that will lay waste to the U.S. of A. that gives you, (and HAS, for more than two centuries), the RIGHT to vote.

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