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June 2, 2023

A Diplomatic Rant…

Look, I am not prone to “going off the deep end”.  I am passionate, though.  enough that people tend to think of me as a bit of a “reactionary”.  Let me settle that for you, m’kay…I am not.  I comment on things after the fact, true enough, but I “see it coming a mile away” a hefty percentage of the time.  I often wonder why so many of us do and it so much more often doesn’t matter.

I didn’t know Chris Stevens.  I knew “of” him, though.  Most people with any sense of foreign policy did.  He, representing us, by the way, gave…YES GAVE…his life in a steadfast effort to bring peace to a region that hasn’t seen any in some time.  Yes, it was “peaceful” there a while back, but THAT kind of peace is a false one.  Our diplomatic corps is overlooked as a tool / weapon / mechanism of peace.  These Americans are fighting for peace and democracy every bit as hard as any G.I. out in a firebase.  More so, perhaps, as they have to do it in civilian clothes and unarmed.  With a handshake instead of a hand grenade, so to speak.

Please, reader, do not think of this short essay as a eulogy for Ambassador Stevens and all of those killed or injured.  Those more gifted than I have that privilege and honor.  Look at it more as my own way of “going off the deep end”.  Our embassies and consulates are, by international law, small pieces of United States of America.  The are OUR sovereign soil to an extent that matches such places as Guam, Puerto Rico and Diego Garcia.  We honor that same law for all other nations with embassies and consulate here in America.  Sometimes just a little too well.  Think of all the money the City of New York would have, (not to mention the parking spots!), if they were allowed to collect against cars with diplomatic licence plates.  And that is only one silly little example.

Diplomacy and billions of dollars, (to fairly RICH nations, I might add!), haven’t, don’t and WON’T work.  This week’s debacles were reportedly incited by a motion picture that “they” didn’t “like”.  Maybe, just maybe…our diplomatic corps should start sponsoring public showings of motion pictures such as “The Manhattan Project” or “Enola Gay”.  Maybe a few “Movietone Newsreels from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Oh, and a few of Discovery Network’s shows that depict the latest technology in devastation delivery.

Maybe Reb Netanyahu should be listened to instead of insulted an snubbed.  What do YOU think?

Comment, as you see fit.

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