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April 20, 2024

Where is America’s President?

With the world aflame, rioting in the Middle East; earthquakes, tsunamis, a nuclear plant meltdown in Japan; and wildfires in Hawaii and Texas, the head of our country is hard at work :  filling out his picks for March Madness.

We have budget problems : he ignores them. Let the Republicans come up with a budget that he can use to run against.  Dealing with Russia?  Send Biden who completely mangles every Russian name he can (what, they haven’t found that Russian dictionary, yet?). Japan’s in ruins: he holds a basketball game at the White House and plays a few rounds of golf.  Absolute chaos in the Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt is still simmering, and Libyans are getting murdered in their streets. Where is he? Throwing a tribute to Motown and dancing to the oldies at the White House.

We can’t blame him. He told us he was going to be MIA when it came to world crises; we just weren’t paying attention… No, no, no…We weren’t.

Remember when he was on the campaign trail, saying that we couldn’t always be number one all the time? And that another country was going to have to take the point in world crises?  Many Americans thought he was trying to humble us.

In reality he was tell us that he wouldn’t be there when it was time for our President to take charge. Obama is incapable of leading. He hasn’t been there for that 3AM call. Nobody is answering, folks.

Instead he is focusing on “Women’s Rights”, funding for Planned Parenthood, “No Child Left Behind” (why must we drag up that failure of a program) and all the other fluff of that liberals think is soooo important. The real America doesn’t care. I think we’re all wondering if many of us will have our jobs within the next twelve months and if China is going to give us a “payment due” bill for all the money Obama borrowed and gave to his union pals.

Obama is fluff, not substance. It’s obvious. He can’t handle the job.  Period. So, he is focusing on the “righteous causes” that will get reported in the media to show that he cares about you. Awwww.

Not only should Obama not run in 2012, I think he should resign. And I seriously mean that.  It’s now obvious he cannot handle crises, either here or abroad. Surrogates are sent out to deal with the problems of this country and other countries in crisis while he throws elaborate parties on the taxpayers’ dime.  And when he does deign to speak, he clings to the teleprompter like a security blanket. The more things fall apart in the world, the more he is busy with the trivial.  There is almost a childlike defiance in his reluctance to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

You are not capable of being President of the United States, Barack Obama. Your administration has already been a failure. Leave now while we can still salvage our country and put someone in who wants to be a real President, not one who wants to use the trappings of the office and flick away the responsibilities.

We didn’t know it then, but you were actually trying to tell us you weren’t qualified for the job.  Our fault for not listening more closely.



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