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April 23, 2019

Smearing Peter King…how Un-American

Here we go again. In the past the left has used every word in the dictionary to deter conservatives from defending their rights as citizens or defend American ideals and beliefs. We’ve heard “racist”,” homophobe”, “xenophobe”, “Islamophobe”  and any other word that the suffix -phobe can be attached to.

Latest and greatest in their arsenal is “Un-American”.  This is their last ditch effort to shut us up. They’re hoping that their use of the word will stop us in our tracks and  compel us to meekly fade into the background of history.  That is the one word that true Americans…. and I mean those that believe in American ideals, values and the Constitution, don’t want to have hung around their neck. That is the ultimate, and I mean ultimate insult.

Representative Peter King (R-NY), Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee has opened hearings on the extent of radicalization in the American Muslim Community. This has sparked  outrage (or hysteria, take your pick) among the lefties, and many  Muslim groups. Methinks they doth protest too much. Why should they be any different from any other group in this country that has members who have killed so many Americans?

But why shouldn’t Rep King hold these hearings? What is wrong with a government official doing what he is supposed to do?  I say that if he or another member of Congress doesn’t hold a hearing on what is occurring with a group in this country and possible  subversive activities, I say they are not upholding their oath to defend this country and her people.

Peter King is doing what he is supposed to be doing. And he should not be deterred by all of these protests, threats and biased reporting by the press against him.  There is too much at stake.  Any group in the United States being influenced by terrorist organizations  should be investigated to determine what the long-term effects could be on this country. We have lost too many people to Muslim terrorists in this country, and Americans are getting tired of it.  And really, if the great majority of the Muslim community doesn’t like it, well they can relocate to other countries that are more compliant with their Islamic religious beliefs, Islamic economic rules and Islamic social rules.

And as for these hearings being labeled “Un-American”: a lesson to those screaming that supposed epithet.  This country was founded by people who saw a wrong being perpetrated on the citizenry by the British government  and knew it was time to act. At risk to themselves and their families and those that felt as they did, they stood up against the British government and acted in what now is know as the American spirit.

In holding these hearings, Congressmen King is not being racist, anti-Muslim or Un-American. Far from it.  His actions are typical American.

And I’ll match up the American spirit against the underhanded tactics of the left with their insults any time. Just take a wild guess who will come out on top.






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