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April 20, 2024

Calm Down, America: Trump Knows What He’s Doing

Since President Trump announced his latest offer to the Democrats to end the Federal Government shutdown and get financing for the wall, social media has been exploding in a mass of chest thumping, screaming in anger, hair pulling, and nasty comments toward him….. And that’s from his supporters.

People, people! Take it down a notch.. Did you really believe that his one and only mission as President was to build the wall? And all his actions were to do that one thing, no matter what he had to give up? I never did. A goal is established, yes. But how you get to it is sometimes circuitous, and not a direct line.

In a battle, (yes, I’m talking battle strategy here, bear with me) the combatants rarely, if ever, start off with a plan and finish with the same one. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to go in a certain direction, tactics have to be changed. The initial strategy has to get thrown out the window and a new one followed. A true tactician (as General George. S. Patton, one of my favorite leaders of all time,) always understands that..

This is what’s occurring now. Mr. Trump is attempting to follow through on his initial promise to ensure the national security of our country, to keep out MS-13, drugs coming over the border, illegals who kill, rob and rape our citizenry. And he’s doing a great job.

Why do I say he’s doing a great job? Because in the midst of all of this, with all the options he’s offering the Democrats, give some to get a little, and maybe a giving a bit more to get the wall, the real mission of the Democratic Party is coming to light. The destruction of the United States of America. The destruction of our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our freedoms and way of life.

So, in addition to accomplishing his initial goals he made while running for President, his actions are enlightening Americans to the true Democratic Party. And with every “no” coming from the leadership of the Democratic Party, with every hateful sentence directed at Mr. Trump and the people who voted for him, many others are being enlightened to their machinations of the populace.

Just take a look at the numbers of Democrats who are leaving the party. Black Americans are finally realizing this Democratic Party has more in common with the Democratic Party of their ancestors and their treatment of them has followed along the same lines.

Those who are from different Hispanic countries are waking up to the fact the Democrats are content to pile all of the them under one heading of ‘Hispanic’, regardless of what country they hail from. People from Spain do not want to be lumped in with people from Guatemala.. and neither do people from Mexico want to be lumped in with those from Honduras. I wonder if Dems realize the culture in each country is distinct, with even words meaning different things.. Probably not.. They only see color and the last name.

But this is what Donald Trump is accomplishing. It’s not just increased security for the US, it’s the unmasking and destruction of the Democratic Party. That political party is now closer to the Communist/Marxist ideals than to our Constitution crafted by our Founders. Whether this was intended or not, this new development has no doubt been already realized by him and is being added to the goal..

Think, people! This wall is not just one issue in his administration. It encompasses an entire strategy on his part. Donald Trump was never a one issue person.. He is a multi-tasker and always has been that way. You do not get to be a billionaire and a man with as much influence he has by just focusing on one building at a time and doing it always the same way.. If he had followed that sort of strategy, we would probably have never known the name of Donald Trump.

So, with each and every step he takes, with every offer made and refused, with changes in tactics along the way, with the strategy being readdressed based on events, we will get the wall built.. We will be safer, we will have less drugs coming into this country and MS-13 will have to find another way to infect us.

And, who knows, the Democratic Party being dumped into the dustbin of history could be an added bonus….

Ah, it’s Morning In America!

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