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February 24, 2019

The “Grand NEW Party”…

How often do we use the old saw, “A person who doesn’t study history is doomed to repeat it.” ?


Well, here’s your history. And it bears repeating.


If you’re anything less than hard-core about your history lessons, you’re probably just like me when it comes to “those dang DATES”. I can get you to the right century, yes, and even to the right decade most times, but the year is not always as spot-on as I would like.


This applies, today, to some ideas for our future that I proffered on PQRM40.


The Democratic-Republican Party was formed by Jefferson and Madison in the 1790’s in opposition to the Federalists. The big difference being one that we see today; Strong states and a strict adherence to the Constitution vs. a strong centralized “Federal” government. The party split after the 1824 election of John Quincy Adams into the Democratic Party and the National Republican Party, (which devolved into just “Republican” as a matter of vernacular), absorbing the trailing edges of such parties as the Whigs.


This was your great-great grandfather’s America. Life in “the era of good feelings”. When people who produced were valued, be they farmer, carpenter or architect. These were the days when people understood that they had RIGHTS. Immutable, irrevocable RIGHTS. Rights that they recognized as being threatened with deletion.


The G.O.P. Is dead. That elephant has been scavenged by the vultures of special interests, big-government, big taxes, big spending, big lies and big babies. The elephant should have been their mascot for it’s virtue of “never forget”, but it failed. They have left the course in favor of “bi-partisanship” and “pork-barrels”. They brought about their own demise by way of turning their collective backs on the principles that made up their platform. Throw what’s left of the corpse onto the rotted wood of that platform and light it into a pyre. Good riddance!


Raise the new platform! Raise the new guidon! No, not an elephant. No, not an eagle, (lest we get caught up in the argument favoring the wild turkey all over again…), but a LION. I suppose an American lion, such as the cougar, puma or panther is called would be nice. But follow my POINT. No PREY animal here! Certainly not, either, anything so amorphous as a tea bag!


Leave behind us the days when we are described as a party of “old white men”. We can be “inclusive” without being obsequious, we needn’t grovel. We MUST NOT allow our party or our platform to be described by our opponents. We must put forth our message, loud and clear, to the people of America. They’ll hear us. In the hamlets of Kentucky and the townships of Maine. In the wilds of Alaska and the centers of Hollywood, New York, Detroit and Dallas.


Let’s hammer at this for a moment, shall we?


Take a conference room at a chain hotel. Not in Chicago or Seattle, but in a minor city. Fill it with people such as Col. West, Governors Palin, Haley, Walker and Jindal. Senators Rubio, Paul and Cruz. Congress people, mayors, police chiefs, state legislators, business leaders and even some celebrities. Pull some of our best media voices. Give them this minor history lesson and SIGN them UP.


The ISSUES must be ISSUES. Not little “litmus tests” foisted upon us by special interests or the media. Allowing them to steer us is what got us into so much trouble to begin with.


Taxes. Spending. Our borders. Foreign aid / relations / wars. The dismantling of countless agencies and laws. The elimination of bogus government “departments” and “Czars”. These are just a few of the TRUE ISSUES facing us. Believe it or not, the issues of such things as same-sex marriage and the “morning after pill” are NOT what is going to snuff the light out of our “shining city on a hill” this week. They are red herrings! They take our attention away from the drift toward communist totalitarianism we’re sliding towards.


So there you have it. A Grand NEW Party. The party of the Constitution. The party of “the various states”. The party of AMERICANS.


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