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July 24, 2024

Stream Of Consciousness Weariness.

I’m tired. So tired. I have been a Republican all of my life, extant. I have seen presidents come and go. Some I liked and some I didn’t. I never, EVER, thought of any of them as being worth anything more than a smack down in an op-ed or, more recently, on “social” media. I didn’t like Obama. I didn’t like what he promised and then how he changed when he got the big chair. He promised that we would all burn our “race card”, only to divide this Republic to a point not seen since the mid-eighteenth century.  Still, I didn’t protest. I didn’t run, masked, in the streets torching cars and beating old men in MAGA hats with sticks and spraying old ladies with mace.  I didn’t fall to my knees shrieking to the heavens upon his re-election. I wouldn’t have done so had Hillary, (G/DS SAVE US!), have been elected. Hell’s bells…I didn’t like her husband, either. For that matter, I wasn’t all that keen on 41 or 43!

WHAT has CHANGED? You’re a Democrat? Yeah? So? Wanna talk? Cool! Want to scream talking points over me while I’m trying to make a valid argument? You lost me. Calling for violence in the street? Calling for dismissal of a professor holding an opposing viewpoint at college? Shutting down guest speakers for being “racist”, “sexist”, “homphobic” or any other *.ist or *.phobe that some rabble-rouser Womyns’ Underwater Rythmic Placemat Weaving professor, (hey, it’s YOUR major, not mine), on your campus claims them to be?  Calling for boycotts of movies and eateries, (or “create a crowd” as some “progressive” politicians have recommended you do, when people who disagree with you are eating or out on a date?), since WHEN are tantrums, (over the age of, say, 2 1/2), such as this “okay”?  Some of my other social essays delve into that question a little more deeply but, suffice it to say that the terms “pajama boy”, snowflake” and others assigned the latter-day millennials and Generation X are not without worth.

I just had what I thought was a question. Now, dammit, I had to write an essay. So shall it be. But, in the meantime? DISCUSS.  COMMENT as you see FIT!

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