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June 13, 2024


I have to, on occasion, defend government stats I use on “social” media as stats.  Amazes me on the daily how when those stats are BAD, they’re stats.  when they’re good , they’re “opinion” or from a “biased” agency.  You know, like the Dept. of Commerce.  While I agree with the old saw, “lies, damned lies and statistics”, if you use the same source over and over, (instead of wiki-ing them to find the ones you like), you can establish a pattern of whether they are lies or damned lies.

To wit, just today, (but a dozen times.  Oy.). I have been using information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics *.  I always use them.  Always. That way I can justify the changes.  Boon or bane, it’s all in black & white.

Pounced on in several directions and as many ways, I distilled the Liberal Banshee for you here.  “But how many of the 263K jobs were minimum wage? Fast-food? Or cashier? Or janitor?”


THE Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “”What ever it is you’re gonna become, become the best at it. If you’re gonna be a garbage man, be the best garbage man”. Something my wife told our son when he got his FIRST JOB!

In other words, DIGNITY can be found in any job.

No, you probably can’t support a family of four on minimum wage. It wasn’t supposed to be a career!  You’re not supposed to stay at minimum wage! You’re supposed to get marketable skills and education and move up the ladder to make room at the bottom rung for people who don’t yet have those skills. Like teenagers and Liberal Arts grads. You can’t swing a cat, (in ANY condition of mortality), in my area without hitting TWO help wanted signs and in some parts a dozen!

Dad always told me all of the above. He also told me that it was easier to find a job when you have a job. I have not only seen this but lived it.  So many others have, too.

Get that kid out of your basement and hand him a pen. Mark a route on his I-whatever of every CVS, Rite Aid, Wally mart and Shop Rite.

Is it the corner-office with a reserved parking spot his humanities prof promised him?

Nope. But it IS DIGNITY.

For your convenience… the reason for the *

Employment Situation Summary, Bureau of Labor Statistics


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