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June 13, 2024

“Volunteers of America”

Admittedly, I know NOTHING of football. ANY football. I DO know some of the team names and some of the cities, but other than Boston, don’t ask me to identify them. Other than that I know that, Like most sports, there is an “offense” and a “defense”. Terms I recognize from >seven years wearing green clothes. There’s a lot going on, right now. Virginia is only one of the issues. I, thankfully, don’t live there. I live hundreds of miles from there. But, should it happen, that way, HERE? I can tell you this. I do not play “offense”. I do, however, play defense. And I play it well. I see that I got ZERO “likes” or comments to my diatribe of the other day. I’ll post it again SOLELY for your entertainment!


I’ve been seeing it all the time in other places on the web. Now, I’m seeing it more and more on trusted website comments section. It’s a bit disconcerting to me. “Comes The Revolution”, (a line from Jefferson Airplane’s monster tune, as is the title “Volunteers Of America”), are you truly ready? I’m not talking about a dozen 5-gal buckets of Mountain House or 30K rounds of ammo, a bug-out bag and a safe retreat.

Sheriffs all over the map are declaring “Constitutional” or “Sanctuary” 2A zones, promising to NOT enforce what they see is an unlawful order. (It IS, and the duty to not follow an unlawful order is as binding as the duty to follow a lawful one). But, what happens when it gets kicked up to the state level, (the Nat’l Guard), or the FEDERAL level? Either way….are you prepared to open fire on your brother or sister? Your uncle or aunt? Your cousin? Remember, once it goes to the state level, the National Guard, it becomes a lawful order. Are you READY? Please don’t hand me that “molon llabe” or “cold, dead hands” trope. ANSWER the QUESTION! ARE you READY?  Because not only will you find yourself in a shoot-out, you’ll find yourself in a shoot-out you just might lose!

I am not advocating that you turn in your lawfully purchased products, that would make no sense whatsoever.  However, some of the answers I listed above might not be a bad idea….

(Originally published on my personal blog due to tech issues)


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