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April 20, 2024

Deflect, Divert, Call it What You Will, BUT…

It’s all, in the vernacular, “B.S.”.  

Nancy Pelosi is one of, if not the, shrewdest and most astute politicians in recent memory.  The top gold miner in the DNC world, she plays the game on a championship level and has for years.  

Calls for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump began on 9th November 2016.  Granted, they began before that, but it didn’t matter until he was elected.  For nearly three full years Madam Speaker has resisted those calls.  Even with such shiny objects as “The Squad”, and such luminaries such as Rep. Green and “Auntie Maxine”.  They, (along with an ally in the media) wagered, for two and a half of those years, (and $45M of our money), on the “Russian Collusion” narrative.  Replete with evidence.  Of course, that evidence was tainted by the fact that it was bought and paid for by laundering money from the DNC/HRC campaigns to the Clinton Foundation to a OPFOR company to a “former” MI-5 agent to our FBI to a FISA Court…you know the story.  Well, that didn’t work out, but, they, (in the persona that is Adam Schiff, (D-CA), kept the story alive with cameras and microphones reminding us that there was “evidence” of “collusion” that they were privy to and we were not.  Stormy Daniels, discredited by her own corrupt lawyer.  Trump Holdings, which were held, (LOOK! EVIDENCE!), by a family trust.  As is customary, SCOTUS appointments, (MISOGYNY! Which fell apart by virtue of an accuser who couldn’t remember the when / where of the “assault”), kids in cages, (from the previous administration), racism, (while in the process of signing prison reform orders and first / second step programs as well as opportunity zones in major cities), homophobia, (while addressing the world to decriminalize homosexuality)…nothing.  Nothing made Pelosi blink.  Day after day, week after week, she deftly put the cries of “IMPEACH 45!” to bed.  

Then, a “whistle-blower” crawls out of the woodwork of “the swamp”.

Now she “blinks”.  Even before reading the declassified and released transcriptional evidence, (brought to light by an anonymous person with no first hand knowledge of, but was given the evidence of wrong-doing by another anonymous source), now she’s ready.  Let’s go.  In the words of the great space explorer Alan Shepard, “Lets light this candle”.  Based on the single shakiest issue of the last three years.  As well, let’s put Adam Schiff, who we all are aware is full of…well..himself.  A prevaricator and dissembler of the first order.  Is she crazy?  Is she stupid?

No.  Well, with a provision.

Okay.  While the possibility of an illness does exist, go back to the first paragraph.  No.  She is NOT “stupid”.  Never has been and likely never will be.

By the time it got down to the nitty-gritty, there were better than two dozen people vying for the Democratic nomination.  Some of them pretty much legitimate, some of them “Democratic Socialists”, (read that: Commies), and some of them just plain nuts.  Amidst all of the fray, it took former V.P. Joe Biden weeks to declare his candidacy.  AFTER reputedly being told by former president Obama; “Joe, you don’t have to do this”.  Anyway, into the pool he jumps.  The deep end; the Left end, no less.  All to be pulled down toward the whirlpool of severe restrictions on the Natural rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, Medicare for all, (including those here illegally), and infanticide.

In light of the fact that Mme Clinton and Obama, (some also tout Oprah Winfrey into the mix), have not declared and likely won’t, Nancy knows she can’t win.  She told us so, in so many words.  “This is worth losing the house” and “this is worth losing the Speakership”.

So she yields.  Or does she?  

Yes.  She yields 2020.  With all the people on the Left tripping over themselves to get face-time on their complicit media, (see my “The Fourth Estate Is The New Fifth Column”), procedures, (some rules and others traditions), are being ignored.  A floor vote would expose members, especially in vulnerable districts, as either “former Congressman”, (what the heck.  At least they’ll get book deals, “contributor” status on the networks and positions in think-tanks or the special-interest businesses that they were working for), or rats to the cause.  So, without said vote, they can carry on and on and on.  In full view of the American people.  The same people that have just about had it with the coastal bubbles ignoring them and their will for things to get done instead of endless investigations and “clown car” appearances.

She’s thinking 2024.  2028, even.  Let Trump go.  Let him bring it.  Meanwhile, all of the hard-Left, Progressive, Socialist folks in the House and Senate will either be voted out or just plain gone.  The activists and “Identitarian” Left will dissipate, largely because instead of being afraid, (“In a gasoline station!  In a department store!  In a restaurant! You let them know that they’re not welcome here!” ~ Maxine Waters), the Republicans, Conservatives, two-time Trump voters will just roll their collective eyes.  Taking the power out of the punch, Mom’s basement will look like a much better place than the square in Portland, Seattle or San Francisco.  Besides, they’ll probably actually have JOBS by then.  Of course, he’ll also gain the Supreme Court.  But by then, the Democrat Party will be able to return to it’s roots.  It’s “everyman” roots.  The roots that got Kennedy, Carter and Clinton elected. 

Then, she can retire.  In peace.  Knowing that her mission is accomplished.


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