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April 23, 2019

Chickadees and political correctness…

G-d created the Chickadee for me. Yup.  I’ll share them with all of you, of course.
You’re welcome.  Watching these wonderful little birds is soothing.  They’re acrobatic, gregarious, and just darn cute.  Debbie made a feeder out of an old mason jar and a wire hanger. MUCH better use for it than hanging clothes…Just ask Joan Crawford.  It took a while, but there they are! RIGHT outside my window!  Climbing halfway into the jar, flitting about….ahhh….I feel better already!

Which is a good thing.  I ought to “number” my peeves.  Actually, an Excel spreadsheet isn’t completely out-of-order.  I don’t have any “pet” ones, as I don’t like any of them…they are after all, PEEVES.  Number ONE on the list, though, would be “Political Correctness”.  I know, I know….”But Lou….PC is on the top of EVERYONE’S list!”  Yep. But does anyone DO anything about it?  Reader please insert a muffled chuckle here….Yeah.  I DO.  So I decided to challenge myself.  I say “challenge myself” because I don’t have any more faith in the “resolution” process than anyone else does.  A challenge, however, is something I can get behind.
I CHALLENGE MYSELF to not engage in PC.  Whether at work, at gatherings, as a DJ, or anyplace else.  The “Cult of Non-Offenders” is offending people wholesale.  Why?  For the same reasons as everything else happens.  The Liberal elite, ( a dichotomic statement if there ever was one…), have decided that people’s feelings get hurt in everyday life.  They are, of course, correct.   They sure do.  Always have.   Always will. So we’re going to engage in this wonderful ideology that doesn’t hurt ANYONE!  Logical fallacies aside, it just smacks of…well, you can insert your own scatological expletive here.  I know that “they” don’t believe this, but it HURTS EVERYONE.  Boy-Oh-BOY did the education establishment grab THIS one!  Historical revisionism is the subject of another post,(I know…I peeked…), so let’s stay a little bit more…oh…let’s call it visceral.  “Gym” class, if your school still HAS a “gym class”, will NEVER be the same!  It turns girls into bullies and boys into weenies. Games where there are “no losers” don’t have “all winners” they have “ALL LOSERS”.
When the kids of this generation have to go out and compete in the world, their pathos isn’t going to “bring them victory” on the field…..they’re going to LOSE.  And it’s going to HURT.  This is the logical net result of their spines having been forced into deliberate atrophy by never having had to USE it.  WE as a society, will suffer in the long run.  And face it…Maybe the idea of sparing folks way too much harm was, (as usually happens with these “noble” ideas…), carried off the end of the Earth.  Even such descriptives as were used to describe human ailments are “insensitive”.  If a person is retarded, they’re a retard.  If their IQ is less-than-room-temperature, they’re a moron, or an ignoramus, or a stunod’.  If their parents were too closely related, they’re an idiot.  I’m not making this up.  A few seconds on Google can allay any of your incredulity.  If you’re handicapped, you can’t even call yourself a cripple.  I am, and I DO.  You have to be “challenged”.  Blind people, deaf people and mutes aren’t blind, deaf, or dumb anymore.  They’re “Sensory Challenged”   Call me whatever you bloody-well want to. I don’t care. I don’t.  Race and national origin are contemptible issues.  Damn the Western Civilization classes you took, the geography of the World and the people IN it shouldn’t matter a whit…so if they’re ASIAN, you can’t call them ORIENTAL.  WHY? Because “orient” is a WESTERN word.  “Peking” has gone back to being “Beijing”  and Bombay has become “Mumbai” once again.  In and of itself that reversion isn’t bad, per-se.  After all, Western Civilization is responsible for the downfall of egos ALL ACROSS the UNIVERSE.  And what is the best route to “reparation” of the damage done by countless millions of “round-eyed-white-devils” mispronouncing place names far away?  FORCE their inferiority back to them!  Yes, that’s right.  “PC” doesn’t apply to them.  Just US.
“Native Americans”…..hmmm….didn’t think there WERE any. But the FIRST bunch of immigrants can’t be called INDIANS.  What makes this nearly laughable is that all the ones I know call themselves Indians….WHITE AMERICAN LIBERALS have sit-ins protesting the names and or mascots of sports teams. Indians do NOT. Why? Because calling your team the “Braves” or “Chiefs”,  to them, and in their ways, is honorable.  Calling the team the “Redskins” is simply calling a spade a spade.  Speaking of spades…..Call a (Non-Rastafarian) Jamaican an “African-American” and you’re more likely to get hurt than if you call him a Black or Negro.  Many of you who know me know that I am prone to being a “humor-oriented” kind of guy. (or would that be humor-asianed?).  I tend to try and ameliorate the suffering of daily life on this planet with THE “best medicine”.  WHY is there so little humor here? Because if I’m typing this out HERE, It’s not necessarily FUNNY.  Any questions so far? Good. I’ll move on.  But not right now.  “Comment as you see fit”- But don’t be a Bolshevik Weenie(tm) about it.

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