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April 23, 2019

Baruch atah eretz Y’sroel…

Happens all the time…

The part I really wanted to touch on was Israel.  On the off-chance you didn’t know it, I am a bit of a Zionist.  Maybe a touch less than Ben Gurion was, but only a touch.

The President of the United States decided to advise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that  the Nation of Israel, “Eretz Y’sroel’s” borders were “unsustainable” and that they should consider falling back to the pre-1967-war borders.  He made these remarks during a speech that demonstrated his support for a Palestinian “homeland”.  The biggest problem I have here is that it presupposes, in the global view, AMERICA’S support for that proposal.  It is not only a point-of-view that I do not share, it is one that “We The People” by and large do not share.  More recently, Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded the president that “…Our capacity is such that we are the masters of our destiny, and many friends are with us”.

The State of Israel was formed by an instrument of the United Nations.  (UNSCOP, 29NOV47).  In my mind, it is one of only a HANDFUL of things that body has done right in it’s entire history.  Since the day it was formed that same organization has done it’s best to undo it’s own decree…vote after vote, resolution after resolution, the United Nations has been a stolidly ANTI-Israeli organization for decades.  They’re even more anti-Israel than they are anti-United States.  That’s a good stretch of road, there.
So ever since that day there has been conflict with the Arab world, and a great deal of that conflict has been based in the idea that the Palestinian people should have a “homeland” too.  Okay.  Wait.  What exactly IS a “Palestinian”?  Well, the short answer is identical to the long; making my job much easier.  They are Arabs.  They are Arabs who inhabit a geographical region known as Palestine.  That’s it.  The only difference between an Arab in the United Arab Emirates and an Arab “Palestinian” is location.  Genetically they are Arabs.   There is no race called “Palestinian”.  There is no hereditary genetic “Palestinian” code.  There is no “Palestinian” religion.  There is no “Palestinian” language.  Long, short and every point along the line, they are Arabs.

For the Arabs inhabiting Palestine to desire a homeland is nonsense.  The area surrounding Israel for a thousand miles is inhabited by Arabs.  Who speak Arabic.  Who live in the aforementioned United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia…JUST to point out the “Arab-hood” of those two nations alone…throw in Yemen, Qatar, and the rest and you have all the vast and formidable “homeland” anyone could ever want. I hesitate to think that you believe the “homeland” issue, either.  What they truly desire is Israel.  Plain and simple.  It is ALL that they have wanted since 1947.
I cannot and shall not sit here and tell you that all people in Palestine OR Israel should NOT be entitled to live in peace.  The people of either Palestine or Israel who have been living in that area and struggling to make a living and raise their families should be absolutely, positively entitled to live there, in peace.  That is the issue.  I dare say that it is the earnest desire of the vast majority of all of the people there to do just that.

The problem, once again, is radical Islam.  As well as the seeming proclivity of the POTUS to, at the very least, cast a blind-eye towards it and at the worst to endorse it.  All of his bloviating in the wake of the  Middle-Eastern unrest of 2011 is self-serving.  It’s what used to be called “oil-smoke & mirrors”.   He’s under the influence of a reelection-cycle.  While he has a billion dollars with which he can try to gain that reelection he has to fight the reputation of his first two-years in office…a period during which the words “radical Islam” and “war-on-terror” were “not used”, to put it politely. I know that as I sit here typing all of this here for your pleasure, ( or enlightenment or ire…), I am NOT fooled.

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