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August 19, 2018


P-QRM#113: Another Tragic, Nonsensical Attack

Tragic and horrible killings in Texas… People exercising part of their First Amendment right by attending the church of their choice, and dying because of it. May they rest in peace. We discuss the mental health issues that have been ignored by the left for many years, the continuing Hollywood scandals, and the growing threat

P-QRM #110: Did the NFL Commit Suicide Today?

With all that has occurred with the NFL’s actions against our national anthem, our country and those who fought for it: we decided to focus much of our broadcast on this topic. We also touch on North Korea’s latest threat and the 4th victory for Angela Merkel in Germany… This and more on this edition

P-QRM #109: A Lot of Hot Air: Not All of It From Irma..

Between Irma, the celebrities telethon for that disaster, and other topics, there was a lot of hot air blowing around. One of the most interesting topics we deal with is the study put out by the Annenberg Foundation which indicates Americans are poorly informed about our Constitution. You can see the article here : https://www.annenbergpublicpolicycenter.org/americans-are-poorly-informed-about-basic-constitutional-provisions Also,

P-QRM #108: So Much To Say: So Little Time

In this edition of Political QRM, Lou and Ann Marie have a guest.. He’s “Brother” Al as Lou calls him.. Marine, with one of those pasts that is very, very interesting and you can’t talk about… So now we have 3 Italians trying to talk at the same time… boy, oh, boy… It’s a wonder

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