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February 29, 2024

Thanks but no thanks…

Seriously. Thank you Sen. McCain and Gov. Romney, but no thanks.

We need a Conservative. Not a Rino, not a Libertarian. We need a person of character and fortitude…and only on one issue. Our Constitution.

People disapproved both of you for your backgrounds and voting records -and rightly so- during your candidacies. People disapproved both of you -and rightly so- on your tactics of spending monumental parts of you “war chests” on ad hominem attacks and character assassinations of your fellow Republican candidates followed by your failure to “get down and dirty” in the post-convention aspects of your campaigns. People even attacked both of you for their misgivings on your personal and philosophical backgrounds.

And they won.

Were there candidates that were better suited to the needs of America than you? I honestly don’t know! Well, you wonder, then, how could I write such a piece? Because even if there WERE a better candidate, your demonization and destruction of them in the media circus that marred the last several election cycles has rendered them useless to us all. In most cases, permanently. They now can either not run or not want to run for anything ever again. And that is sad.

Here’s a position statement from me. Go away. Stay away. Go and stay OUT OF the way. Will it matter if the next congress-person or senator is black or white? Will it matter if they are single? Married? Have, (natural, foster or adopted), children? If they have served in our armed forces? Tried marijuana? If they are a Christian, Jew, Muslim or Pagan? If they tried a “joint” in college, joined the Peace Corps instead of enlisting, (as a conscientious objector to Viet Nam), smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, or “dabbled in witchcraft” in high school?

Yes it will, but no it shouldn’t. You see, You have not only allowed the mainstream media and celebrity universe to decide that for the rest of us, you have been party to that effect. We have been given treasury chairs and legislators who have cheated on their taxes. Known domestic terrorists as “advisors”, people who are unaware that islands don’t flip over, apologetics to the world’s Napoleons, more communists in the Whitehouse than Joe McCarthy could have fit on his list and color- , race- , and creed “ists” than this nation can afford. Admitted and confirmed enemies of our way of life are in control of our “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”.

And it’s your fault.

Your single mindedness in attaining “the big chair” did it. Oh, you weren’t alone. I’ll give you that much. And yes, there were people in the field that were best weeded out. The time, however, has come to face the fact that we can no longer afford to experiment with bits and pieces of what you and your ilk feel are the bits and pieces of what this country needs on bits and pieces of who and what we were, are and need to be.

Who we were, are and need to be was, is and should always be very clearly defined. Look for a paper that starts with “WE THE PEOPLE”. Hopefully, then, you’ll understand. And get out of the way.

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