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June 2, 2023

Beware the Ides of March!

“People seem to be losing the spirit of the day. It’s not just about stabbing a friend, it’s about coming together as a group and stabbing a friend” ~ Unknown

I suppose I should work a little harder at this, but I have to get them out as soon as I can. Time’s a-wasting.

It IS, indeed, the Ides of March. I still don’t have a candidate. I will support, obviously, the party line. I THINK. Just the other day at a “town hall” or a “debate” the candidates were all asked if they would pledge to support the G.O.P. candidate. There in lies the rub. IF the G.O.P. candidate, by virtue of a brokered convention, turns out to NOT be Trump. I’m saying that even if he wins the delegates needed, here, and “THE G.O.P.” decides it should be Cruz, Rubio, Kasich or, (SHUDDER), Mitt Romney, (D-MA). Then, the other guys would be able to KEEP the “pledge” they made. Pretty slick, huh?

I still can’t understand why they’re fighting Trump this hard. None of them will fight Hillary, the presumptive Democrat candidate. Face it…if the Dems put Sanders forward they won’t HAVE TO fight all that hard. America isn’t ready for a Socialist. We seem to be okay with Commies in the White House, though. So the RiNO / Establishment / D.C. Insider / machine aspect of the G.O.P. are keeping the spirit of the Ides of March alive and well.

Yes, he IS loud, brash, brazen, rude, brazen…(did I say brazen? He’s a NEW YORKER!), you name it. Yes, he did make a couple of statements about punching someone. There was also the comment about shooting someone. His supporters weren’t the one who got the event in Chi-town cancelled. Back in ’68, (before you were born, remember kids!), it was the DNC that had problems with the far Left…the SDS and the Weather Underground. Now it’s the Right’s turn…facing the SAME FACES! Ayers, Dohrn and Boudin! (Wow! Simpatico!) These people, in conjunction with newer movements such as Acorn, (funded by a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis in WW II to kill other Jews), the “occupy” people and “Black Lives Matter”, (yes, I DID put quotation marks around that), set out to disrupt and that’s what they did. They used THEIR First Amendment rights to SUPPRESS other people’s First Amendment rights. How very 1929! Suppression of opposition is one of the FIRST tactics of fascism. Now, THERE’S an ideological dichotomy! Using fascist tactics to call the opposing people fascists! Benito and Adolph would be so proud! On the scene the “protesters” couldn’t even elaborate why they were there. Some, I’m sure, were just sucked up into the fray while others, the professional provocateurs, apparatchiks and rioter soldiers, answered ads online in places such as C’s list…answering reporters with such phrases as “I don’t care to get into that right now” or “I have no comment”. There was a rumor that they wore color-coded garments so they could e seen doing what they WERE HIRED to do. (Conjecture stipulated. Thus far there’s no hard evidence to support a claim that the Sanders campaign had any direct involvement in funding these activities). Should have all been in brown shirts, too. They were RECITING answers that they REHEARSED. Best organized “flash mob” I’ve ever seen.
So, again, while I am not yet declaring for “The T Man” or anyone else, it’s getting harder and harder to NOT notice reasons why I should. Okay. Break out the long knives.

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