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June 13, 2024

Seventeen “Friends” and More!

 (Author’s note:  Please keep in mind that I wrote this during the hiatus from PQRM.  I found it on one of my old blogs and thought it worthy of publishing here.  You may disagree.  That is your G/d given right.  Oh, yeah, I WAS particularly angry that day.  These things happen….)

Part one:  (The Post In Question)

From the “No, The United States is not a ‘Christian Nation’ and never has been” files: (and, if you DON’T read it all, you are a Bolshevik Weenie(r) )

I am not a subscriber to the “Christian Nation” hyperbole. Yes, we were founded by Christians. (seeking religious freedom, by the way), and yes, the values our young nation espoused were “essentially” Christian ones. Such issues as the Ten Commandments…but…As Connor McManus pointed out, “…these are principles which every man, of every faith, can get behind”. The ideals of our founders were influenced by these tenets, true enough, but they thought enough of us to see to it that this is not a “Christian Nation”. If we are, we’re no better than the Saudis or Yemeni. (Okay, stipulated that they are vile people, but…they have a mandatory state religion. Something our forbears insisted that we do not). While you can find allusion, allegation and even some tacit proof within our founding documents that we are, you will find more in them that says we are not. That’s precisely what they intended.

I am a patriot. I’d wager that, right now, there are quite a few of you who would doubt that, especially enough that you’d actually believe that I am not a Constitutionalist. Or that my oath had an “expiration date”. It did not. And I intend to honor it. But I will not honor a twisting of it in any direction. Get over it, get with it. Jews, (you know, as in JUDEO), Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Witches, Heathens, ( <– real ones), Baha’i, or even Humanists are NOT your enemy. For that matter, there are people out there claiming your religion that are doing us more harm than good. You scoff at those “Coexist” bumper stickers?  Some of those people have been beside you in battle. Some of them may have even died next to you. Some of the blood that gives us the red stripes on Old Glory belongs to them. Some of what waves Old Glory is their dying breath.

You have women in your midst that will vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.  You have people who voted for Obama twice based on his being black, even though that’s only 50% true. You have people who would vote for a Latino on that basis alone.

I am not a Christian. I am a patriot. Fight along side of me, not against me. It’s in the First Amendment, dammit!

We now return you to your previously scheduled mindless games, drivel, e-cards and kittens.

(Part TWO)

From the “Let Me Say This About That” files: After having lost seventeen “friends” by virtue, (I’ll guess), of my “Christian Nation” post, I’ll tell you how I feel about another malignancy of the internet. I’ll call them “The Three Stooges”. No, not Moe, Larry and Curly, but Billy Bob, Bobby Ray and Earl. Mind you, some of the sites these guys run aren’t located in the South. Most of them aren’t even as ludicrously named, (although it would be appropriate), as my lead up. But you know them, I’m sure.  They are the people that “claim” to be “Conservative” sites promulgating “Conservative Values” and “Information”.  They’re also probably the ones out playing “G.I. Joe Rambo” in the woods just outside of town.  Again, you know this lot.  The Wallymart camo, the surplus gear that spends more time being repaired than used because it becomes “FUBAR” because they don’t “RTFM”.  The $2000 .22 caliber AR-15 look-a-likes they buy because they won’t spring the extra $500 on the rifle and the $500 on ammo.  The ones that publish all that stuff while making the “little woman” stretch the food stamps out for the whole month.   I’d almost be willing to bet, (heavily), that these sites are, in actuality, run by Soros-funded Left wingers.  The MIS-information and the extremism of their agendae are ALMOST caricaturish.  Bad spelling, grammar, punctuation…you name it.  Even if they were scribed in Maine.  “Conspiracy Theory” does an injustice to true conspiracy theorists everywhere.  Look, I get it.  I do.  “The government IS the problem”, as the late Great Communicator used to say.  But martial law, camps and coffins, even if true are not what the vast majority of the people want to hear, but aren’t even subjects that the vast majority of Conservatives want to hear.

Get real, boys and girls!  Prepared?  Yes.  But real.  Save your web hosting fees and give it to a worthy candidate!  You’ll do America much more good that way.

(I reserve the option of adding to this.  That means you might want to check it for additional “stuff” once in a while)

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