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February 29, 2024

Polling Place, aka…


Ever since The Great Communicator left office, (saints be good to him), I’ve had to vote with a clothespin on my nose. Not to worry, there’s room. A question of a “lesser evil” or “the devil you know / don’t know”. Over and over.
The GDP, (I’ve substituted DEAD for OLD), “establishment” is getting ready to put the screws to us again. Not nearly as subtly, this time, they’re TICKED OFF with “us” for not just “staying the course”, (READ: Acceding to their will), and they’re going to show us proles, you bet! (Be right back, quick trip to the vomitorium). Look, if even Reince Priebus “gets it” that a split party would be a disaster, as in “death of the GOP”, (exactly how does one kill a corpse?), then how come all the other entrenched, spoiled brat reprobate politicians and party apparatchiks don’t get it? Or, DO they? Are they going to “teach us a lesson”? Is that it? (Hold on, another quick trip…). If a former NYT editor is telling RiNOs, (unless they’re all “pro-life whatnot”), that they might as well stump and vote for HRC, Does this tell you something? Huh? Anybody? Anybody? Buhler? *crickets*. (Maybe I can keep it down…nope…be right back).
Call it what you want. A “Brokered”, “contested” or “divided” convention. It’s going to be a BAD thing. Not for the GOP that I don’t give a flying fig about. For us. You and me. Our kids. Our grand kids. Our great grand kids. (I’m managing to hold it down, now).
People walking all over other people’s First Amendment by citing their own. I know I’ve said this before, but, shades of 1929 Nuremberg. Funded and organized by big money “dot org” types with local stooges appearing on the news to camouflage their involvement.
So we have Another RiNO partisan doing all he can, (which ain’t much), to hang in long enough to guarantee a contest in Cleveland. A, (D-MA), loser showing up to catch his extra fifteen minutes of fame, (even if only to be the butt of jokes, a la Al Gore). Back-room shuckin’ and jivin’ to make deals for veep, (Be right back. Sorry).
A socialist, (“democratic” socialist? Huh? Bernie, you’re no FDR!), that can’t get in front but keeps swinging, just like Nader and LaRouche, vs. a “what difference does it make” treasonous FELON that will, unless the AGUS happens to notice the >1000 count indictment waiting on her desk to be issued – that gives us a plagiarist boot-licking lock-step veep that will step in to “save the party”.
Meanwhile, Iran is wiping it’s…brow…with the “agreement”, (that flat sucked to begin with), made by yet another loser, Kim Jong Junior rattling his little plastic saber and Israel sitting there sweating wondering WHY American Jewry let this happen and might well make it happen again! A border porous enough that states are scrambling to catch up with a heroin epidemic but not the influx of trained terrorists, illegal aliens collecting millions of dollars worth of refunds on taxes they didn’t pay, (hold on. I gotta…). Okay…I’m back. The litany of critical issues is nigh interminable. That’s not counting the issues that are important.
“Comes the revolution”? Which one? I can tell you one that I can guarantee. The big box stores are going to run out of vomitoria.

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