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May 29, 2024

Hit Snooze Again, Dear…

Brussels, we’re hearing, is a “wake up call”.  San Berdoo was a wake up call.  Paris was a wake up call.  Tunis was a wake up call…I think the illustration stands, now, on it’s own.

One of the wonders of modern technology is that we get our news “as it happens”.  We also forget it once the next item is happening.  Bad habit, that snooze button!  We’ve hit it so many times it seems as though we’ll never wake up.  If we’re not careful, that may prove true.  Or, we’ll wake up dead.

Sometimes attributed to Lenin and others to Goebbels, the adage “Repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough and it becomes the truth” is working for our sitting administration.  “Isolated incidents” of “workplace violence” pointing out the need for “more common sense gun laws” are the mantra.  Islamic Terrorism is not.  They either don’t have the same alarm clock as the rest of us or have just turned it off, I guess.  The current state of affairs in the Fourth Estate only aids and abets that stance.

I don’t know how to break this to them all…we’ve noticed.  Weapons sales in the U.S. have soared.  The firearm manufacturer’s association should name the POTUS their “salesman of the year”, and the NRA, NSSF and GOA should appoint him their honorary spokesman.  Training programs for armed as well as unarmed defense and disaster / emergency preparedness are packed.  But we refuse to be terrorized, don’t we?  Have you cancelled your plans to visit Europe?  Egypt?  South Asia?  I haven’t.  Have you changed your plans even closer to home? I have spoken to several people that attended the festivities in Times Square, (Crossroads Of The World), in New York City, (Capital Of The World), on this past New Year’s Eve.  Some for the first time and some for the fifth.  WE “get it”.  Our “leaders”, however, do not.  Just yesterday, live from Cuba, our CinC took “a moment” to address the attacks in Brussels.  While he DID, this time, call it “terror”, he DID, as usual, stop short at the word ISLAMIC.  And then he got ready to visit the home of another one of his idols, (Peron), in Argentina.  I don’t know about you, but in my never, ever, humble opinion, “He chose poorly”.  But it’s okay.  Really.  He’s on his way out.  Whatever legacy he was able to forge is all he’s going to get because we’ve got him boxed in.  Ish.  The only reason, truly, that we’ve achieved any type of stagnation is by virtue of the infighting of the right, right?

All we need do is win the next election.  Maybe the next CinC will turn “general-ing” over to generals and doctoring over to doctors and diplomacy over to diplomats.  I know that all the generals, doctors and diplomats I KNOW are ready.  Are you?

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