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July 24, 2024

A Nice, Soft Beach!

I grew up watching documentaries with my Dad on channel thirteen.  It gave me a love for that genre that I still maintain.  So I’m always tickled when either Nflix or AmaPrime bring some good ones into their line ups.  A common thread in the WWII docs are the cuts to either Pathe or Movietone Newsreels.  “Victory At Sea” or “Crusade In The Pacific” and the like.  No matter where our boys were going to land, “our navy” was going to use it’s great big guns to “soften up the beach”.

I saw an interview today with erstwhile presidential candidate and congressman Lindsey Graham, (R-SC),saying that “carpet bombing will not destroy ISIS” and the only way to do it was with “significant” ground troops.  Must be a generational thing.  Even though he was Air Force, he’s too young to have seen just how effective a tactic like half-a-million pounds of TNT falling from 35,000 feet can be.  Even if it’s only used to “soften up the beach” for those ground troops he’s keen on marching in.

Raqqa and Mosul are two very hefty targets when it comes to the daesh.  Thousands of soldiers, lots of training facilities and logistical depots.  Okay, so we send in a mess of boots.  Not just ours, but everyone’s.  They start wandering around on their way to these strongholds and get shot at, bombed, mortared, artilleried and, in all likelihood, GASSED.  By a force that knows where it is.  Our boys and girls get ziplocked home.  Maybe not all, but a bunch.  Now, consider the same scenario.  We drop a SHITLOAD of bombs on them for a couple of days.  NOW our boys and girls pop in and see who’s home.  If it were me or my kid?  I think I’d tell Rep. Graham to watch a couple of old documentaries.  I’d even buy the popcorn.

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