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June 13, 2024

“Hand Me That Wrench…I Mean, MoAB*”

Okay, okay.  Yeah.  I’m just another amateur pundit ranting and raving while offering no ideas of my own.  I’ll stipulate to the amateur.  I’ll stipulate to the ranting and raving.  But, you can’t say that I don’t have ideas.  Some of them may be fluid, (so you’ll have to read this again in a few days…I’ll increase readership, dangit!), but some of them are concrete.  Granite.  Iron.

  1. Send EVERY battle-aged, able-bodied MALE back to wherever they came from.  Give them a rifle, ammunition and a bayonet.  Show them which end to point at the bad guys and turn them loose.  It’s THEIR country.  Any female that wants to go is welcome, too.  Yes, I said female. It’s their country, (no matter WHAT mohamed says), too.
  2. BOMB THEM. (bad guys) CARPET bomb them.  Good old fashioned dumb-a$$ bombs.  Raqqa.  Mosul.  They’re command and logistical centers.
  3. Ground follow up.  Boots.  Everyone’s boots.  As “W” said, you’re with US or you’re with THEM.  This party isn’t “invite only”, it’s command performance.
  4. Revoke the papers of anyone leaving a “friendly” country to an UN friendly one.  Go on.  Go fight your jihad.  Don’t come back.
  5. Create an express lane in the court system of any “friendly” nation as well as the international court in the Hague.  Justice, (rope or lead, they can choose), swift and sure.  AND, PUBLIC.  INCLUDING ancillary players.
  6. Destroy their social media networking.  If countries such as N. Korea, (who aren’t really very good at much of anything), can shut off parts of the web, you know that we can, too.
  7. PROFILE.  The idea of doing a BCS on a six-year-old in a wheelchair while allowing five guys in arabic garb straight through at airports galls anyone and everyone present at the time.
  8. Probably should be number one, but I saved the best for last.  Let the generals do the general stuff.  The ROE in nearly every AO are upside down, inside out and backwards.  Political correctness is DEATH.

Again, this list is my “hard” list.  Some of the more fluid ones will come and go, but these will remain ineffable.

  • * MoAB = GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast.  Commonly referred to as the “Mother of All Bombs”.  Filled with nearly 19,000 lbs of H-6, it is capable of leveling mountains hiding subterranean infrastructure.

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