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January 23, 2019

I’m NOT Showing You MINE.

And I don’t want to see yours. North Carolina’s new “bathroom law”, (HB-2), goes too far. So stipulated. As opposed to other laws that try to address such matters, (TN & AR, notably), the North Carolina law uses “on their birth certificate” as the criterion for which rest room a person should use. That’s where I think they went wrong. More on that in a minute. Several years ago Laura Ingraham wrote a book entitled “Shut Up And Sing”. If I recall correctly, it was basically addressed at Barbra Streisand…or was it the Dixie Chicks? Whatever. The point I’m making is that people who spend good money, (REALLYgood!), to come and hear you sing for an hour want their hour! I love Ms. Streisand’s music! Same goes for Harry Belafonte. U2. On and on. Okay, except Sinead O’Connor.  She was lame whether she had an opinion or not.  If you really want to make speeches on your personal beliefs and how we, as Americans, are bigots, “phobes”, “ists” or just plain wrong – stand for office.  The constituencies of the legislature in North Carolina either feel the way their representatives in government do or they don’t.  It’s their right and their responsibility.  So, go ahead.  Run. It was good enough for Sonny Bono, Clint Eastwood, Al Franken, Fred Grandy, (your yeoman purser, Gopher!), Fred Thompson, Shirley Temple and Ronald Reagan. My apologies to anyone I missed. Not one of whom brought an “agenda” to the public by way of a performance their audience paid good money to attend. Sadly for me, (a New Jersey native), Bruce Springsteen has cancelled a show in North Carolina. People paid, (at retail!) anywhere from $100 to $200 per ticket and waited weeks and weeks for the “big night”.
I wonder what percentage of his audience is happy about that. The demographic that can afford the concert is the “54-66” crowd. Hmmm…
“But I digress…”
I am of the opinion that, “Rule 1” is “If you’ve got one, use the men’s room. If you don’t, use the ladies’ room. Wait, wait, allow me to clarify… Anyone who can legally sign a form for changing the way they’re built to the way they feel they should be built, and has actually embarked on the medical journey to achieve that goal, should have their drivers’ license or other identification annotated. They can get it switched when they’re done. If they have legally changed their name from, say, Robert to Roberta, they can have their I.D. changed accordingly. And they should. Law or no law, people are going to be uncomfortable. In the event complaints are registered these identification issue can put them to rest post haste.
I don’t care how your son “identifies”. I don’t want him in the bathroom with my daughter. Same thing in the other direction. To heck with what the “special reports” in the mainstream media say when interviewing an eight or ten or fourteen year-old transgender. Mind you, if they have started hormone blockers or replacements and have identified as the opposite sex for as long as they’ve been in school, some “latitude” must be made. BUT! Junior or senior high school students who are not and haven’t yet begun any sort of treatment are way too likely to have real troubles if they aren’t real careful…Yeah, yeah…I know. Lou, you’re so old and out of touch…all your generation did in the boy’s room was smoke cigarettes and sing a capella. Fine. I will never admit to that cherry bomb incident. Never. MY age aside, in this information age every kid knows everything about everyone all the time. It was hard enough, back in the day, to be a “nerd” or a “geek” or a “stoner”. I happened to have been, (proudly), a “greaser”. Later, it was Goths or emos or band kids. As information delivery has progressed, so has the ability to catch up with, (and latch on to), trends, fads, kicks…most of which junior high and high school kids go through several times in the six years or so they’re there and eventually walk away from shortly there after.
In summation my personal thought is, as a parent, guard your son or daughter. No matter how hard they insist that they are your daughter or son. Law or no law, for boon or bane, someone is going to get hurt.  I hope it’s not your kid.

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