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January 23, 2019

Bring it.

So the POTUS went to see the Saudis. Whoop. He got snubbed by the king the same as he got snubbed by Comrade Fidel when he was in Cuba the other day on his “World Apology Tour 2016”.  Really.  Sitting in a meeting with other Arab states arranging for more reasons for them all to hate us and wish for our destruction.  But, speaking of the Saudis…As a matter of fact, I don’t believe that all of the previously unreleased 9/11 documents should BE released. Sure. Some of them should. Others should be, as well, but only heavily redacted. Some, though, not at all. There are such things as “state secrets”. They’re a necessary evil. “TMI” on a document can be the same as “loose lips sink ships”. We already have an issue with documents that ARE state secrets being sent to, stored on and sent from an unsecured non-government server. These types of security breaches can, (and often as not), DO get people KILLED.  Especially in that part of the world.  The Saudi government threatened to use an “economic” nuke in the event of their release, as well.


“Hundreds of billions”, (according to a NYT article), worth of U.S. assets would be sold off.  Probably to either the Chi-coms or the Com-bloc nations.  So?  What would end up as a face-value loss in a selloff such as that would reduce any impact.  After that?  I dunno…would they “call” the bonds?  Freeze us out of trade?  Go to armed conflict?

No.  Like it or not, they still have more to lose than we do.

Bring it.

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