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February 24, 2019

Risky biz

AT the decidedly possible risk of sounding “Libertarian”, I’m going to SAY this rather than search out or create another meme. I don’t care WHERE you pee. I don’t care WHO you marry / union with. I don’t care WHAT you do to YOUR body. I only care about what you do to me and mine and that’s that.

If you want to get tattoos and piercings until you look like lizard guy, fine. If I have a business that requires you to have ANY interaction with customers, I’m not going to hire you. If you’re promiscuous, (straight, gay, bi or otherwise), I will not pay for your birth control. Before or after. I will not pay for the medicine to relieve you of a disease you, with knowledge aforethought, inflicted on yourself. (ANY disease).

Suffering with chronic pain is terrible.  I know.  I do.  There have been times, in the past, when I had to use opioids, (hydrocodone), to get through a day.  Or a night.  Or both.  With all sorts of problems in our world, it seems, (as I have railed about many times), that the rallying cries of “Think of the CHILDREN!”  &  “W MUST do SOMETHING!” are always met with a bunch of do-good inspired legislation.  Why?  Because legislation = votes.  Enforcement of existing legislation doesn’t get your picture on page one above the fold.  So we make it tougher to get pain medication.  People end up on street drugs.  That’s bad.  WE can fix that.  BUT, if you are not in chronic pain and you take drugs…that’s not my problem.  It’s yours.  Fix it yourself.

One of the candidates for president this cycle will help you.  No matter how you got where you are today, help will be there, whether you deserve it or not.  You’ll then be free to go your merry way.  The other candidate will help you MORE if you DON’T deserve it than if you do.  And you’ll then be in her eternal fiery pit of debt forevermore.

See how simple it is?

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