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February 23, 2019

Another ‘Racist” Allegation in Maine?

Governor Paul LePage, (R-ME).
I’m writing this as partly an essay and partly an open letter. I’ll leave it to you folks to decide which parts are which. I’m good like that.

I have no trouble in taking my governor, (yes, I can call him that.  I voted for him twice), to task when he’s wrong.  I have no worries in lauding him when he’s right.  I’m good like that, too.

That all said, he has been called, (again), a “racist” for pointing out a factual numerical statistic.  He’s being taking heat from both parties because of it.  It might not even have been this bad, except, well…let me go over the first issue.

At a town-hall meeting some time ago Hizzoner referred to our drug problems as partly do to “guys named <insert street name here> bringing in drugs from New York and impregnating our white girls before they leave”.  (quote is ppd).  Now, had he said “MAINE girls”, it might have not been “as” bad, but, Maine is not New York, Detroit, St. Louis or Atlanta.  One can still throw the pejorative “RACIST!” and people will actually listen.  One of the little inside idiosyncrasies of living in “The Great White North” is that we don’t have enough experience with it to have worn it down to the rims the way other places have.  So much for backstory.

This time Da Guv brought to light the fact that, since then, he’s been keeping a binder of arrest reports on his desk.  He didn’t bring up any reproductive issues but he DID say that “85%-90% of the people in that book are black or Hispanic from out of state”.  Now, I haven’t actually SEEN that book, but I am given to understand that it has been verified as an accurate appraisal of the numerical statistic it represents.  PRO TIP:  STATISTICS are not and cannot BE “racist”.  They’re numbers.  FACTS are not and cannot BE “racist”.  They’re facts, pure and simple.  THE TRUTH is not and cannot BE “racist”, if it IS the TRUTH.

So some tin horn Bolshevik Weenie® decided he wanted his fifteen minutes of fame.  Called Da Guv out for being a “racist”.  This elicited a very angry voicemail left on the phone.  In my, (NEVER, EVER), humble opinion, GOOD FOR THE GOV!  Look, there’s an old saw about going into a cave and poking a bear with a stick.  This joker must never have heard it.  Governor LePage is brash.  He’s bold.  He’s outspoken.  Many times right on the razor’s edge of rude, crude and boorish.  He will not be bullied or bulldozed and suffers fools badly.  This cidrule poked the bear.  He wasn’t happy with the result and lacked the…”gender fortitude”…to call Hizzoner back and have it out.  He called the state DNC and proceeded to go on television and WHINE.  And he didn’t have the common sense to put on a TV-worthy shirt!  So now it’s almost over.  The governor is not leaving.  Matter of fact, I’m hoping he’ll run for the US Senate seat currently held by Susan Collins, (D-ME), next time out!

Well played, Governor LePage.  Well done!

(Ed. Note:  A petition supporting Governor LePage has been created by Rev. Lou on Change dot org.  Sign it)


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