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February 24, 2019

My Libertarian Friends!

Libertarian friends, follow me for a minute…PICK a candidate. No, not for this November, for November of 2020. This time, it’s too late. ALL you will do is skew the results, and I fear it won’t be in favor of the “lesser of two evils” but for the greater. We just can’t have that. Else you, your children, your grandchildren and, likely as not, your GREAT grandchildren will pay the price.
Here’s the issue as I see it. MOST people ONLY hear about Libertarians for a few months before and a month or so after a general election. Other than that, it’s pretty quiet on the Libertarian front. I know you don’t think so. You hear about it all the time. MOST people don’t. Get out there! Get large! Get LOUD! Get into people’s line of sight, not their peripheral vision. Start “workin’ it”. Make sure your people that are already sitting DECLARE that they aren’t an “I”, but an “L” next to their state, county or town.
You see, when people think Libertarian they think “pot smokers”. You’ve got to get away from the perception that “WEED is our ISSUE”.  I’m not making a value judgement, here, but that’s the optics many, (MANY), people use.  You have so many other good, valid views!  Views that “TRUE” Conservatives used to espouse!  Personal responsibility.  Rugged individualism.  SMALLER government.  Lower taxes / less wasted spending.  And on and on.  
But you can’t just do it for six months every four years.
Elsewhere on this site you’ll see my essay on resurging the Democratic-Republican Party.  Another idea the time has come to rekindle.  Many of the values held dear by those who wrote, arguably, the most significant documents on the planet are held by me, and to some extent, YOU.  But nobody knows it.
Take of your jacket.  Loosen your tie.  Roll up your sleeves.  Go to the farms and factories.  The boys’ clubs and the 4-H.  The ghetto and the country club.  It’s almost, but not quite, too late for 2020.  Get to work.
Of course, NONE of this will matter until 2120 if we allow the current ruling party into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again this year.

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