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March 25, 2019

Just A Very Short Quiche…

Ooops…auto correct…I MEANT “QUICKIE”.

When it comes to my stance on things – I used to view Social Media as a “Field of Honor”. If you were following me till early last Summer, you know that to be true. I no longer see it that way. Well, I DO, but a little less so because the “good fight”, (as was pointed out to me by a good buddy), is for BAD people. YES, I put out more “NSFW/K” stuff than I EVER did. I’ve actually typed things out loud that I would NEVER have typed out in the past.
However, (other than things that go straight to passion, such as for our Constitution, our flag, our First Responders and our military), one might also notice that I do NOT sit here glued to “Fox News”. Nor do I sit glued, (as many do today), to Comedy Central to get my news and pre-formulated talking-point opinion.
I source my “stuff” from all sorts of outlets. Some intensely Conservative. Some intensely Liberal/Progressive, (can you say “RT” boys & girls?), and some from outlets I consider downright filth. I also have the “bad” habit, (in this day and age), of at least TRYING to vet my information. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes, not so much. Sometimes it comes from so many places and people it’s impossible to attribute. But I at least TRY.
I encourage you to VOTE. Just the way I always DO. “If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch” was an old saw. Now, I never truly believed that totally, but, in THIS CYCLE I am falling back to calling that the carved in granite infinite wisdom of the ages.
Thank you for your time.

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