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March 25, 2019

Bind Our Wounds.

The intensity of last night has drained me deeply. I’ve been “up & around” for a couple of hours, but I’ve been writing two different essays for Political-qrm and Minds, to which this is only a prelude. I will be recording a post election podcast w/ cugina Ann Marie at some time today, which will probably be posted at P-QRM this evening.
PART, (actually, probably “most”), of the essay has to do with the fact that this wasn’t a ballgame. This wasn’t the World Series or the Superbowl. This is NOT a time to gloat. This is NOT a time to “rub people’s noses in it”. This is NOT a time to pour salt on the wounds; rather, it IS time to do exactly what President-elect Trump SAID to do. BIND the wounds and HEAL our nation. I know I will. Want to do a happy dance? A fist pump? A victory lap? Do it at home. We now have a great opportunity to right the wrongs of the last thirty-odd years. Join me in TAKING that opportunity. May the G/ds BLESS the United States Of America.

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