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March 25, 2019


This one is far too important for me to copy, paste, edit, etc in a document format, (or two). I NEED to get this OUT THERE. NOW. Pardon my “sp” and “gr” errata, please!

I am already hearing from many quarters that families and friends are throwing hope, faith and charity out the window, along with their families and friends, over our last election. I am URGING YOU. All of you. From either side of the aisle or right up the middle…

A) CALM! Please! The LAST thing this nation needs is a revisitation of the 1860s! DON’T get drawn into the fray! There have been, are, and sadly probably will be people going to HOSPITALS over this stuff! B) READ! (okay, or listen), to a DIFFERENT source than you usually do! As is almost ALWAYS the case in life, the TRUTH is somewhere between two rights and two wrongs! The trick is, YOU have to go and FIND it! Half this country was running around like Easter morning looking for little cartoon pokey characters! SURELY you can find a moment to EDUCATE YOURSELF! You may be an expert…from YOUR point of view but a complete DOLT as to how others feel / believe! REPUTABLE SOURCES are out there! NOTHING with a “call sign” is a “reputable source”. C) CHECK your EMOTIONS! I know, I know, MOST of us are Italo-Americans from Northern NJ. Tie your hands to your belt! (Italians can’t speak when you do that!), (J/K!!!) Debate! Yes! Real, clean debate with the facts in hand is how we made it to the 21st Century! Let’s not quit NOW!

You may or may not know that this particular Facebook page is almost exclusively family. IF, through some trick of the Aether that is the internet you see any of my other profile, you know full well where I stand politically. I just don’t get all up into it here. For good reason. PLEASE chill! CONTACT your PARTY! DEMAND, (No, I didn’t say ask. This is as strongly as I am able to phrase this!), DEMAND that they INSIST on the the PEACEABLE part of our Divinely granted and Constitutionally protected right to “Peaceable Assembly” for “the redress of grievances”. TODAY. NOW. People are getting HURT. Physically. Emotionally. Psychologically. WE the PEOPLE of the United States of America DON’T ACT THIS WAY! Third world dictatorships act this way! We’ve survived 44 presidents. Like it or not, if we just roll up our sleeves we can survive the next four years, too. Love to all, PAX VOBISCUM.

Edit to add: I have a copy of our founding documents on my desktop. EVERY desktop. I carry a copy in my waist bag. They’re FREE, folks, just like us. Get them. Read them.


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