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June 13, 2024

Mille Masqueras

Many Moons ago, when I was a kid, (ALL “old goats” start out as KIDS, after all), I watched wrestling on channel 9, WOR.

ALL the greats! Bruno Sammartino. Gorilla Monsoon. Pedro Morales, MILLE MASQUERAS. MM was a part of the “Lucha Libre” school of wrestling out of Mexico. Masks were and are still commonplace in the rings there. Not sure how or why it began, but the consensus was to keep one’s identity somewhat obscured so their families wouldn’t suffer at their wins or losses. There were issues raised about the mask for bouts in NYC. You see, it’s illegal to wear a mask in public in the Big Apple.

My point?

Masks today are rampant. Look at any gathering of people “exercising their First Amendment RIGHT” to deny that same right to people with whom they disagree. Whether in town or on campus, I can understand the rationale for wearing the mask. I said rationale.

Because unlike Mille Masqueras, a man / men who constructively used “violence”, (more like ballet), to earn a legitimate paycheck as an athlete, (or at least entertainer), THESE puddles of protoplasm are DEstructive.

In NYC these days, under the guidance of the current administration, the rule of masks is being ignored. Hell, the rules of just about anything are being ignored. But that’s just one city. Arguably “THE” city. In other parts these rules are also ignored. But in some places they are not. In Alabama, recently, law enforcement was on hand to UNMASK people going to a “rally”. How did the erstwhile attendees cope? They LEFT. SUCH strength of conviction, snowflake! In my, (NEVER), humble opinion all people who show up at a “rally” should be made to do it with their faces EXPOSED. Period. If you’re that confident your argument is that strong, you should have the conviction to do it face to face. As well, anyone showing up in a “ninja” costume, (except for one of those weird “cosplay” conventions), should be stopped, searched, identified and, if there is sufficient evidence, cuffed, stuffed and booked. If not, let them go. With the proviso that if they’re caught later, masked, they will indeed be CS&B.

POLICE STATE! FASCIST! Well, look at it this way. A cursory peek at the thousands of hours of video from such places as UC Berkeley or U of Missouri to see the many “ninjas” of the “ANTI-FA”, (anti-fascist ), movement. Looks like probable cause to me. After all. At the latest protest a former ETHICS professor was busted for busting open someone’s head with a bike lock.

Using fascism to promote an “anti” fascist agenda smells not so much of PROTEST, (trust me. I remember sit-ins, hunger strikes and students chaining themselves together), than it does of, well, FASCISM. See, those “ninja social justice warriors” aren’t protesters. They are, though, what ninjas traditionally were. Hired and paid for assassins. Their target? FREE SPEECH.

DEMAND your locale enforce unmasking. If your community doesn’t have laws prohibiting masks, DEMAND they pass one. Before you can’t. Yes, sweetie, it CAN happen here.

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