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May 23, 2019

Great GOP Ghost!

A play on the explaint of Perry White, (the editor of “The Daily Planet” of Superman fame), of “Great Caesar’s Ghost!”

Remember, friends, how I published my requiem for the GOP in advance of Barack Obama’s first election. I was convinced, (and have never let go of the thought), that the Republican Party, (as we knew it), was a rotting, stinking corpse of a de-tusked elephant akin to those we see in ads for the WWF or Greenpeace.

Well! In the BEST tradition of Lovecraft’s “Reanimator”, the new GOP is scripted by George Romero. “Days of the Living Dead Republicans”. GONE are the days of Republicans of Lincoln. Of (T) Roosevelt. Of Ike and of Reagan. Now we have the GOP of Ryan. McCain. McConnell. Graham. Schumer. Pelosi. Waters…

BUT LOU! Schumer, Pelosi and Waters are DEMOCRATS! Let me make this a little clearer for you…THEY ARE ALL Democrats.

The continuing resolution budget passed through congress was a complete and utter rollover by the Republican Party of 2017. FULLY was Planned Parenthood funded. The EPA only lost 1% of it’s funding. The National Endowment of the Arts, (you remember them…”Piss Christ” and Mapplethorpe), got a RAISE. So did the National Endowment for the Humanities, (the people who bring you screaming hookers smeared in chocolate sauce), to continue…NOT school bands or orchestrae. NOT to bring true ART to our children, but to bring LUCHRE to the POCKETS of the “enlightened” in our educational establishments. Establishments top heavy enough that every TEACHER has between three and six administrators above them, as well as AT LEAST three union representatives, lobbyists and liaisons they, (read that: YOU AND I), are paying for. In the same “vein” as the images conjured by various and sundry animal “welfare” organizations*, the GOP today acted as a subordinate female wolf to the alpha-female. Roll on their collective backs, pee a little and show the pinkness of their belly.

So IF, and that’s one BIG “if”, you weren’t sure I was right all those years ago…revisit that essay. Look again. It MATTERS.

It MATTERS because the AVALANCHE that was so MANY House seat, Senate seats, governors, state Houses and Senates and YES, the PRESIDENCY…ALL of these are going to be, well, “negated”. Okay, WASHED AWAY in 2018 and 2020.

We had a shot. We flubbed it. To all of my Obama/Clinton supporting Liberal friends, I’m sorry. You’re welcome. Have a nice time.

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