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July 21, 2019

A VERY Personal Experience.

There’s an experience I had. A very bad experience. I tell about this every once in a while, but never written down to this point of detail. I hope the retelling moves you the way the experience itself moved me; or at least provides you with insight to why THIS particular grumpy old goat is the way I is. Many years ago, before 9/11, I had an IT gig. There was a Pakistani Muslim girl who worked in an area of the building I had occasion to visit frequently. She ALWAYS smiled at me.

One morning I was running a little late. I got there the same time as she. She was dressed in Muslim garb. Long plain dress and niqab. The blonde girl in the spot next to her handed her a plain supermarket style bag. An hour later, she looked like she always looked. Western. Did I mention she was “FINE!!!” ?

I realized she was “interested” in me when a couple of the other girls shot knowing looks at her and each other, smiling and with muffled giggles…the way “girls” do. She probably blushed, but from a distance I couldn’t tell. I started walking her way.

On my way past the department head’s office, an arm reached out and pulled me off course. The supervisor of the department took me in and warned me off. Not that there was any danger to me, but to HER. She was, (obviously, in retrospect), from a “devout” family – one that wouldn’t tolerate her dating a Western man. They wouldn’t even tolerate finding her dressed the way she was. She changed in the ladies’ lounge every day. Twice a day. Put make-up on and took it off. She was trying to make enough to move out on her own, but the lion’s share of her salary went to her family, (Not that they needed it, most were doctors and engineers…), which I guess was a “custom”.

Only a few weeks later I landed a different job. Not too far, but off of a different exit. Different hours and such. Three months or so later, I stopped in to the local bar where I and others from the company would have one or two. Sure enough, a couple of the fellas were there. I asked after her.

One day her father and brother “dropped in” and saw her. Being very “friendly”, (no PDA, just hand touch as he walked by), with a WESTERN man and she was wearing WESTERN clothes.

The brother and father beat her to death a few days later. They fled to Pakistan before they could be arrested.

So, Western “Third Wave Feminists”, what do you think about HER “empowerment”?

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